Monday, January 11, 2010

The Love List...Inspiration

*Warm. Thoughts by Alonzo. Adams*

Recent events have me revisiting my love list. Making changes, modifications and checking if the men who are crossing my path come close to what I think I want and what I need in my life. My recent disappointments have shifted my thoughts and I am appreciating someone in my life that has been mentioned in this blog before.

I seem to give off this 'artsy' vibe that attracts musicians, bar/lounge owners, bartenders, photographers and singers. Seriously, I can be in a group of people and will be the only one to receive the flyer for open mic night. But I digress...

There is someone in my life that is showing me that open communication is possible. That you can be your serious, silly, goofy and most crass self and it will be accepted. He is showing me that you do not have to be in someone's life everyday but you can still cross their mind and they can often cross yours. He has made me realize that life is funny, it gives you what you need right at the moment you seem to ask for what you want.

He is intelligent, witty, artsy (of course) and keeps me on my toes with conversation. I am not sure where it can go or even if it has a future outside of friendship but with everything going on my life right now, it is refreshing. Yes, he is also gorgeous and wonderful eye candy ;-)

There is baggage on both our parts and our social circles are entwined which makes it amazing that it took us so long to meet. He has visited this blog (another first for me) and I am not sure how often he reads it but I wanted him to know that he is appreciated. I appreciate him for his honesty and transparency. For the shameless flirtation that floats my boat on any given day and the confidence to send the crass texts even if they are followed by an apology.

For MoA (Not his real name of course) - thank you for being you.

He has inspired these additions to The Love List:

KayC's Love List:

66. Open and honest with communication
67. Can admit past discretions with maturity
68. Knows himself and has learned/grown from his past mistakes
69. Has an understanding (and maybe a love) for the arts
70. Understands my love of the arts/performing

KayC's Love List # 1-20
KayC's Love List # 21-30
KayC's Love List # 31-40
KayC's Love List # 41-50
KayC's Love List # 50-55
KayC's Love List # 56-65

Peace & Blessings...


  1. Wow! You're up to 70 on your love list, congratulations! And welcome back to revisiting.

    I was looking over my love list and thought that maybe I should have taken more time when creating it. I finished it in 2008 and my desires have not changed. My essence went into creating it and I see the same in yours.

  2. Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I'm lovin the list!! Those are qualities that we ALL should strive for. No matter if we're married or not!

  3. MsKnowitAll,
    Although lengthy, I think the character traits listed are pretty realistic (which the exception of preferably no kids lol).

    The pic is very me. Think I'm going to purchase one for the house ;-) I can be found in that same position many days with a glass of red wine.

    Glad you liked the additions to the list. I like having a man stamp of approval, LOL!

  4. I love artsy men. My husband is a musician.I think we like the same kind of guys! LOL

  5. Her Mommy,
    Yes, I think we do! Nothing like a creative mind but their schedules sometimes leave much to be desired. Still thinking if I can deal with that...

  6. Such an intelligent post, filled with nothing but warm and compassion thoughts.

    Enjoy yourself. Continue to enjoy yourself. I agree on many things being spoken concerning transparency and how life and its sense of humor gives us what we need as we focus on that which we want.

  7. Don,
    I have to remind myself to enjoy each day as it comes. Something I am working on this well as keeping my compassion.