Friday, October 2, 2009

Random Thunderstorms...(Seriously?)

It has been a minute since I have published a Random Thunderstorm post. I had to get some of these 'seriously' moments down somewhere...

A guy went smooth off on me via text message because I didn't want to hang out with him. Complete with a "I though you were cool, but obviously I WAS WRONG!" text. Seriously? That just reinforced the fact that we should NOT be hanging out and did you REALLY just have a tantrum like a 2 year old via text? SERIOUSLY?!?!

If you are living in someone's house rent-free and you are not working the least you could do is cut the grass and take out the trash. Seriously, they have a brand new riding lawn mower and you're an out-of-work truck driver, I think you can figure it out. Seriously?!?!

If you are living with a woman and only have one bedroom apartment I don't care how 'on the outs' you LIVE WITH SOMEONE!!!! I don't share. Seriously!

Seriously, It rained for almost two weeks here and flash floods took over almost every neighborhood I lived in for the past 20 years. Glad I now live in a different area.

Maybe someone will purchase this for my birthday or Christmas, but I will take this as well, seriously.

Remember that cute drummer from the concert I mentioned here? Well, our paths have crossed a few times and he may join my performance group, seriously! Gotta love fate :-)

It's official, my hair is a man magnet. But at least ask before you attempt to run your fingers through my personal space and experience the kinky, coily, wavy halo growing out my scalp. Seriously!

Remember that cute drummer...oh, said that already *shaking head to clear it* HA! ;-)

I've been in my own place now for one solid year. Seriously, that year flew by!

My baby sister has been keeping in touch via and email since my last visit. Gotta love those networking sites, seriously!

Posted a picture via mobile uploads of myself with one of my fellow Salsa dancers (who happens to be white) and no one said a word. A few weeks later posted another picture via mobile uploads with one of my favorite bartenders (who happens to be black) at one of my Salsa spots. Now everyone is asking about the black guy. Seriously? Y'all just nosy and closed-minded! The really funny part is both pictures were taken in the same location!!!

Nothing like getting a text message out of the blue. My favorite ones are the "Hi, I was just thinking of you. How is your day?" messages. Seriously!

You know you can dance when random Cuban guys argue with you about your nationality on the dance floor ;-) I am NOT a Cubano, but one taught me how to dance. Think I'll put that on a shirt, LOL!

One of my road dogs is about 10 years older than I am. I attract men in her age range and she attracts men in mine. Wonder if that's why we get along so well? Seriously! Love her to pieces...

If one of your friends had 'relations' with a guy in high school or college when does the statue of limitations wear off? I realized my social circle had a lot of in-dating over the years. Wonder how the spouses feel when the group hangs out? Seriously, do they even care? Do they know? Most of them were 'relations' and not relationships ironically.

Have the writers of True.Blood wrote themselves in a corner? This season sucked compared to last season. Still love me some Lafayette...seriously!

Go Big Blue!!!! Seriously LOVE Michigan football!

Go 'Canes! Even if you did get beat like you stole something. That was a SERIOUS @ss-whooping you received last week!

As much as I LOVE Lenny Kravitz we are in a recession and tickets to his concert (a stand up venue) are $55 plus taxes and fees. SERIOUSLY, I'll pass...

Yes. Seriously!


  1. I found myself chuckling outloud at a couple of these. So the drummer guy might be seeing more of you and you or him, eh? I see an interesting post coming soon. *wink*

  2. I agree with Ms. Insatiable. I so love this blog. You are quite insightful and yes, True Blood has clearly written themselves in a corner. Ever watched the show The Vampire Diaries? Coincidental that that show would be out...just when the ratings start to fall on True Blood another vampire show comes up.
    Lenny Kravitz, I'll wait until his show comes on Show Time because I cannot afford it either. Seriously?! Yes. Good post.
    P.S check out my blog sometime and let me know what you think:

  3. Man, you had me at dude going smooth off. LoL. That must be an Atlanta thang b/c I never heard the word smooth used like that until I moved here.

    Dude has issues. If a man texts you something like that...I'd prolly question his level of sensitivity!

    The floods sucked. I hope that the victims can rebuild their homes and their lives.

    I don't care how many years past. I can't knowingly sleep with a chick who has slept with my boys. Just can't do it

    Damn good post!


  4. Ms. Insatiable...LOL! I'm keeping that close to the chest...for now ;-)

    From the Author's Desk...Welcome to The Storm! I appreciate you stopping by and come back again. I have not watched The Vampire Diaries but will check it out.

    12Kyle...I guess it is an ATL slang word, LOL!

    Now dude acts like nothing happened, obviously that is his personality. I don't do tantrums from people beyond the age of 2. Can't believe people in their 30s and 40s still can not effectively express themselves. I treat him like a passing aquaintance, can't have him thinking that type of behavior is okay with me!

  5. Yes you need the t-shirts...seriously, and you should make one that says you are not cuban....seriously.

  6. Never watched True Blood.

    There is nothing like having your own space. . i.e living on your own. You can do as you feel and not hear a word. I remember those days. Now I got two roommates(children) and they are always invading my privacy. . . SMH . .joking.

    When I went to Miami and Puerto Rico with my friend. He is dark and I am not and getting all those stares or having everyone think I was Latino . . I told him next time we go I was wearing a shirt that will read. . .Yes, I am Negro.
    I know that is so bad. . don't be offended :)

  7. Queen Bee...Yes, I am working on that shirt design. I plan to market to my fellow Salseros who dance Cuban style, LOL!

    The True Urban Queen aka Sharon... Buying my own place was the best decision I ever made. It felt great not to worry about my rent going up this year!

    I was LMAO...not offended at all!!!

  8. Ooooh I love the t-shirt!! My first time on your blog and loving it!! seriously ;)

  9. ShonaVixen...Welcome, glad to have you here! Stop by again.

  10. enjoyed the randoms - out of the blue warmly sent text messages are quite the thing, i agree.

    the year flew by.

    good luck on the apple of ur eye.

    i used to be a hardcore Canes fan. was pleasantly surprised to c how they've began the journey back to prominence.

    then, as u mentioned, they lost that particular game and now they lose their #10 ranking yesterday, via a stunning loss.

  11. Don...Good to see you stopping back through The Storm.

    He is not the apple of my eye, but definately caught my attention ;-)

    That game was heartwrenching. I agree it is good to see the 'Canes on their way back. Looks like they have a great coach.