Monday, April 29, 2013

A Groupie?!?

"I have fallen out of love with dance."

I said this to a blogger via email last week. It is not that I do not like dance anymore, but more so the "scene" was starting to turn me off from dancing socially. People are acting like they are still in high school. There are cliques who only dance among themselves and there are people whoring around on the 'down-low' while having spouses, children and significant others. 

I suppose most of that will always happen but it is a bit disheartening when you treat an art form as such and only want to enjoy it. Because of everything going on I had pretty much stopped social dancing outside of supporting loved ones and good friends. 

I still perform with my salsa group. We have received some amazing offers to perform. Without them and my adopted Cuban family I think I may have stopped dancing all together by now. I think both groups are the reason I may have found my dance mojo again.

We received an invite to share the spotlight with a great salsa group who were coming to the area. Before I was a member, the girls danced with this group the last time they came to the area a few years ago. I had no idea I was in for such a treat! The group of  seven musicians combine Jazz, R&B, Classical and modern Cuban (known as Timba) to create a unique sound that literally makes you get out of your seat. 

The lead singer introduced our group and we got a chance to share the spotlight with these truly incredible musicians. They are gracious and humble (we also met them backstage before the show) and even danced with the crowd after the show. (try getting an American "musical celebrity" to do that). The best thing after the show was having them tell US thank you!

Thank us?!? Nope, thank you! We danced, laughed, sang along with the songs and even beat on the stage along with the drummer. We had so much fun that every time a musician had a solo they would come straight to us at the edge of the stage. I guess we had too much fun with the band because while waiting for a photo-op after the show, a young college student called us groupies.



Who you calling groupies?!?

If dancing through a concert, having the band introduce you as "special guests" and having the lead singer dance in the middle of your group in the dance area and using your group to start the conga line makes us groupies, then yes young buck. I will take that title. I will take it proudly and you know why?

Because dancing with them made me realize why I fell in love with dance in the first place. THAT will make me a groupie any day!

The band ended their concert with a conga line lead by the singer through the crowd (while still singing, of course) and around the audience. We picked up people as we went and had an absolute blast. In fact the band director (piano player) was introducing the last song and one of my fellow dancers and myself were at the stage chanting "conga, conga" and he stopped his speech to say "Yes, ladies. We are going to conga."

*KayC giggles like a school girl*

I think you should conga too :-)

Click here to buy their music
Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...