Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Locks of Love

I work for a school system (no, I am not a teacher) but I attended a hair cutting ceremony for Locks of Love. One of my elementary schools adopted Locks of Love as their yearly service project.

Well, actually there are two cycles of girls that cut their hair once a year. One group in the fall and another in the spring. About 30 elementary aged girls grow their hair out to cut and donate their ponytails to make wigs for women who are battling cancer.

Sounds heart wrenching, doesn't it? As someone who has taken pictures of the event, it is. But it is also wonderful to witness. These little girls are proud of their ponytails and sashay in the mirror with their short hair. A salon volunteers the stylists and the girls get a brand new short and sassy hairdo for free.

It has me wondering...all of the little girls are white. Would black women donate their hair to Locks of Love? Or are we so attached to it that once we did reach the "donation length" we would physically fight you to keep it? Why is it such a big deal? It's only hair. It grows, right?


Why start a blog? Why does anyone blog? For me, it's an experience. Something new, something I would like to try. I'll see were it leads me...come along and enjoy the ride.