Friday, October 30, 2009

Never Knew Love Like This

I can not remember a time in my life when I have felt so...loved. In approximately three weeks I will celebrate a birthday. Each year is special to me, I treat it like my own personal holiday because my Grandmother instilled it in me to do so. She always told me "this is your day, celebrate it and own it."

This year I am celebrating in very large ways, ironically each one had very little planning on my part. I will start off celebrating on stage with an ensemble of world-class percussionists. My performance group will be putting on the "best of" appropriate for my birthday. (BTW, if you want to purchase an ad for the program, let me know) So even though I will spend the majority of the day in the theater (theater call is at 10 a.m.) I can not think of a better way to celebrate a wonderful year.

If that is not enough, a friend has agreed to turn his wine bar into a Salsa club for the night. Complete with a live band that I absolutely adore. All of this came to be because people were willing to rearrange their schedules to help me celebrate. I am overflowing with joy and excitement!!!

I even have a signature drink for the night on the menu named after me and Purple.Rain!

As I reflect on this past year and the ups and downs of it all, I can not express enough how much those laughs, tears, love and memories have meant to me. As my excitement grows I am reminded that although I never knew love like this, the best is still yet to come!


  1. I smile...

    I celebrate my birthday big every year just so. It's a personal holiday for me too.

    Purple.Rain & The Quietstorm... sounds like a combination for a smooth drink. LOL

    Enjoy every minute of your birthday even through the planning of each detail. I enjoy the warmth and love I feel on my birthday and I know you're feeling that already.

    I wish you more.

  2. Congratulations, Kay. Your celebrating on stage with world class has to mean that you too are in that category. It's been awhile but I do recall visiting your blog back in the early part of '08 and learning something about you which I felt was of supreme talent. If I'm not mistaken it was your instrumental gift, correct?

    Keep enjoying yourself and life.

  3. MsKnowitAll...This is my first birthday party as an adult. Actually, the first since I was a tiny child and I am very excited about it! Had not thought about the drink combo, should be good ;-)

    Wish you were here!

    Don...I am extremely humble to share the stage with some of the people I have come across. I am also pressed to call myself a "dancer" but in fact that is what I am. God has blessed me with a natural talent I only wish I had the opportunity to nuture from a child. But I do enjoy it immensely now!