Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Love List...Learning to "Breathe"

I am showing so many signs of being open to love again. The most obvious is the smile on my face and the music I listen to. A couple of years ago after a community service event, I was walking through a local mall and my Soror and I were literally "drawn" to the HP cart because of a song that was playing. After learning the speakers were over $250, we decided to purchase the CD instead :) After my initial introduction to Raheem DeVaughn, his song Breathe has kept me captivated since that day:

The ultimate pleasure's giving pleasure
Yeah, I'm a Taurus
they say that we're patient lovers
Are you a Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn?
On the cusp?

Yes, I am a Scorpio and we are known for our sexual energy. Something I never quite knew until recently. After soul-searching and discovering so much about myself in 2008, I realized how much of an emotional and sexual creature I truly am. It took me a while to realize this because I didn't know how to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Having my world torn apart in 2007 made me realize I had to enjoy what I had. It made me learn to breathe.

If you should feel thirsty,
I'll be sure to bring you water
Yes, girl I got candles that
will slow burn longer
And I know your favorite love song
and how you like it on repeat
Me, I was born a patient lover
so I'll start with your feet

I have learned that I must be patient, enjoy every day for what it is. It will not be perfect and will probably bring me blows and make me stumble, but I must take each blow as it comes and continue to breathe. Take baby steps in the darkness until I reach the light. Know that not everyone deserves my time and my love. My love is a gift that is to be respected and earned. It is not to be given away freely to people who take it without appreciation. For it is a precious gift that needs to be reciprocated.

I'll do my best to inspire you
To dream of us til we meet again
You may even be encouraged
To take a walk so we can love again
The Most High outdid herself when
She created you
And girl I am thankful
For how our love has bloomed

I have learned that I am a loyal person who gives my everything in a relationship. If I trust you I will trust you to the end, even if I have made a fool of myself along the way. I listen to Breathe thinking that there are other people out there who feel the same, and that thought truly makes me breathe a little easier.

It would be like when hearts beat as one
It would feel like no ordinary kiss
You and I
Now close your eyes
and picture us
Breathing life...into love

Those lyrics are fire, aren't they?

KayC's Love List:

41. Does not take advantage of my loyalty
42. Keeps his promises
43. Doesn't feel the need to brag about what he has or has accomplished
44. Knows how to enjoy a good kiss
45. Understands that foreplay starts long before you hit the sheets
46. Makes an effort to get to know my friends, family and relatives
47. Is comfortable merging our lives and friends
48. Can be described like this by me because he is the truth, no facades
49. Knows when to leave "well-enough" alone
50. Can enjoy a good glass of wine and great music after a long day

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  1. Yes those lyrics are fiyah! I was born on the Aries/Taurus cusp and we are patient lovers. I love reading your blog. I'm cheering for you everytime you have an "ah ha!" moment. Go girl!

  2. I'm not a Raheem DeVaughn fan but the lyrics are fire.

    Beautiful 41-50

    Your time taken to cultivate your womanhood is profound. I feel it throughout your post.

  3. Learning to breath can be so hard, especially when you are used to running and panting. I too am finally learning to enjoy life a bit more.

  4. hey - what's up?

    Are you ready for the first book club discussion? I sure hope you are! Are you done with the book? You should be.

    See you Saturday.

    Go to for more details!


  5. Paying attention to breath is being mindful. It is being centered in self. Being fully present in the now.

    Girl you are on fire! Illuminating a path for all of us!

  6. Monique,
    I was an admirer after I heard those lyrics. Give me that type of love anyday!

    Glad you liked the lyrics. Sometimes we get so caught up in the beat, we forget they are actually saying something. (lol) Thank you for the compliment.

    R. Fitzgerald,
    Yes, make sure you take all the time you need. It passes by us so quickly.

    I read the book a long time ago but I am trying to brush up on it so I can participate. Thanks for the reminder!

    How wonderful you are! I am flattered by your words. I am trying to stay on my path and enjoy the here and now. You know you are on the right path when others try to veer you astray ;)