Friday, October 10, 2008

Beautiful Brown Brothers...Part III

I have bragged on the men in my life a few times this week. I wanted to post every day but the germs I was fighting made it a little difficult.

The men in my life must have felt the positive vibes flowing their way because they kicked it up a notch, much to my good fortune. The DD without children called on Wednesday to check on me. No one knew I was home sick, but he called to see how I was settling in at the new place. Gotta' love him. He is married to my self-proclaimed "road dog, ride or die, sister-girl, line-sister, do we need to go ride out? let me put my boots on, friend." It has been wonderful getting to know him and he is very good for her.

This week I reflected on the men in my life and the purpose they serve. They are each vastly different, not only in their occupations, but in their personalities. A few are creative, a couple are analytical and one is just...himself. Don't get me wrong they have their faults, they choose the wrong women, make huge mistakes and dumb choices just like everyone else.

They know they are dead wrong when they call for advice and I simply tell them what they already know. But I appreciate that they are good men, strong men, men that keep my hope alive that one day I will share my life with someone similar to one of them. For various reasons each one came into my life, and even though they are not the man for me (well, maybe one is still vying for the title) they will make any woman a great life-partner...eventually ;)

For JC, RB, FC, DD and the other DD, this is for you.


  1. Your posts about good Brothers was truly a GODsend. I am not one to give up...but I swear I was at the edge.

    Thanks for reminding me in a big way, why we love Brothers!