Monday, October 6, 2008

Beautiful Brown Brothers...Part I

This week is for the men in my life who helped to restore my faith in men when it crumbled to almost nothing. I am celebrating men who do things that pleasantly shock and surprise. This is not totally based on looks, even though I am sure I will throw some eye candy in here somewhere. I am not sure how often I will celebrate our shades of beautiful brown brothers, but they get beat up enough. I shout out the men in my life, JC, RB, FC, DD, and the other DD, this is dedicated to you...

I appreciate you...
if you think no one cares
know that I do

I will lift you
like you lifted me

give you the shoulder
when you need it

take you for a drink
to help drown it

keep you
on the straight on narrow

give you advice
only when you seek it

...for i appreciate you

I see the images of black men changing in the media. The Gillete commercial with the brother who rocks the fierce afro. The sales papers with black men sporting locks down their backs, have you noticed the subtle changes? Do you enjoy them like I do? Now we are shown different looks, heights, skin tones, muscular sizes and the new mixed race ambiguous brothers.

Black, African-American or Brown (whatever you may call them) they are a diverse group and I fully appreciate all the diversity offers ;) I am not one to discriminate on the basis of hue, class or job title.

In keeping with my theme of the week I couldn't say it better than this man. Let's start with old school this week. A man who made our mothers (and some of us) swoon like nobody's business. This time he is not singing, but he does a good job anyway.

The one and only...Mr. Smokey Robinson


  1. Beautiful! Yes let us all celebrate the Borthers who everyday restore our belief in Brothers.

    I am not talking about Brothers who pretend, or who front. But solid Brothers who do not make execuses, who do not mack women, who do not manipulate, or stalk women. I am with you celebrating Brothers in front of me and Brothers in the blogsphere!

  2. That was a good piece, Kay C.

    As a brother it's always good to see, read, hear, and experience the beautifully complexed sisters who still understand how we need one another.

    Great read, cause in the end, the brothers are only as good as the sistas.

  3. Lovebabz,
    I am glad you enjoyed it, come back to read the rest during the week.

    I agree, I think we are indeed only as good as the people who travel the journey with us!