Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Thunderstorms....(Why?)

Taking a hint from the Off the Dome posts that I like so much, here are the random thoughts (or random thunderstorms, I like the storm theme) that are swirling around this week.

Why can't you just say "I am proud of you" or "Congratulations" to me? Why is everything just "Okay" or "A good start" with you? WTF?

Why do I love the new crib and wonder why it took me so long to move on with my life and away from you?

Why has life been so good to me for the past year? Maybe the 30s are indeed the new 20s? Maybe the 40s will be even better?

Why is my new neighbor such a sweet lady, but after moving and the massive cleaning job of disinfecting the new crib I just want to relax.
- Am I old school, do people still call them "cribs"

Just because you call me, does NOT mean I have to answer the phone.

And NO, I didn't return your call because I didn't FEEL LIKE IT (whew, had to get that one off my chest. I'm better now :)

Why am I very happy that I looked your way. Like Prince said, "In a word, you were SEXY!"

WHY oh WHY am I the happiest and most content that I have been in an extremely long time? And it has nothing to do with a man, money, place or thing?

Why the first time I opened my back door onto my very first backyard, my furbaby took off to explore his new surroundings? So much for the thought of having to coax him outside :)


  1. And "I don't feeeeeeel like it" is an excellent answer. LOL

    Congratulations on the new crib!

    You are in such a good place.
    "I am proud of you".

  2. It's a great thing when you're happy and it has nothing to do with no one or nothing. Just happy. Hmmmm, I long for that.

  3. c'mon Kay C...if you gave him the number...you should answer when he calls. LOL

  4. Msknowitall,
    I thought that was an excellent response as well. lol

    Thank you! I have never cried tears of joy until I moved into my new place.

    Welcome to my blog! I am sure you will find that happiness, keep working on it. It didn't come easy for me.

    LOL at you! I DO answer the phone when he calls. That comment wasn't about him, it was about a relative :)

  5. Good list. The first was my favorite.

  6. I am feeling this on so many levels :)

    I'll def be back

  7. Rich,
    I think the first one is my favorite as well.

    Welcome to the storm! I hope you indeed come back and comment in the future.