Monday, November 19, 2007

My "Furbaby"

I belong to a Shiba Inu. I call him my furbaby and he is a riot. If anyone knows anything about Shibas they know they are really big dogs in a medium sized body. They are the smallest of the Japanese breeds and very catlike in behavior. He was a rescue and is coming around quite nicely to be a family pet.

I was passing by a pet bakery recently in a historic downtown area and I could not resist the urge to browse. They had samples of home baked dog treats and I grabbed one to bring home. My Shiba is very picky about his treats and I was not wasting money on something that would end up in the trash. I broke it in half (almost) and gave him the smaller of the two pieces. He ran off with it and I placed the leftover on the coffee table and went about my business expecting to pick up his half later off the floor. Several minutes later I came back in the living room to this:

He knows he is NOT allowed to take things off the table so I assumed he liked the treat made of honey and peanut butter and I asked him why was he staring at the table. (Yes, I talk to my dog in complete sentences. It freaks some people out. Especially when he responds like he understands me.) He gave me this funny look and did this:

As if to say "Give me my treat, woman! I know the other piece is there." By this time I am laughing out loud and he gives me this face:

As if to say "What the heck is so funny?" So I gave him the other piece of the treat. I think we will go back to the bakery this weekend ;-)

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