Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Slipping, Falling and I Can't Get Up

How things can change in such a short time. Dance is the only thing in my life right now going wonderfully. I have a new respect for dancers, especially ballroom dancers. Lifts are no joke! But thanks J for being a great partner.

I have two more baby showers to attend and almost all of my friends will be new moms by spring.


No, I'll enjoy the ones around me and maybe one day I can blessed enough to have my own.

Life is changing and it seems like the more I fight and try to stay positive, the more negativity and uncertaintity comes my way. It's almost like trying to climb a muddy hill in the rain. The more you claw and walk up that hill, the more you slip and slide down the slope.

I have a milestone birthday coming up in the next few weeks and with my life changes, it doesn't seem like I will be celebrating as planned. I will be taking time off work to remember, reflect, write and relax.

It's well overdue.

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