Friday, August 8, 2008

The Love First Sight?

I saw you and instantly felt you
your swagger captivated me
the tilt of your hat
broadness of your smile
while I danced
my spirit felt you watching me

Appreciating the closeness of you
thoughts of getting to know you
no longer thinking of any pain
enjoying all of this
until it begin to rain....

I have thought about my Love List for a long time and now I know that I am ready for love to enter my life. Real love, like the MJB song. I have experienced enough of the fake stuff. First, I had to figure out what I did NOT want in order to know what I want. I am putting out my positive vibes while I continue to enjoy life. Soon, the person who perfectly compliments me will embark on this wonderful thing called life with me.

KayC's Love List:

1. Believes in God
2. Loves family and wants one of his own
3. Secure in his manhood
4. Does not put others down to make himself feel better
5. Comfortable in his own skin
6. Can relax and chill with me and watch the game in sweats, then put on a flyy suit and hang out in Corporate America
7. Sees my spirit as who I am and accepts it
8. Loves me without trying to change me
9. Believe my words as truth, knowing that I would never deliberately hurt him
10. Honest and Trustworthy
11. Healed from his old relationships before he creates one with me
12. Good with children and pets
13. Understands that sometimes your word is all you have
14. Has a good relationship with his family
15. Enjoys dancing and different types of music
16. Open to new experiences
17. Wants to see the world...with me
18. Enjoys sports
19. Will fight for me like this, knowing I would do the same
20. Values my morals

I want to know, that I know, that I know when someone loves me like I deserve to be loved. There will be no pretense, it will make both of us glow. He will glow enough that his boys will want to meet me just to see the lady that has their boy floating like a parade entry. Yes, I was a hopeless romantic for a long time...and the hopeless romantic is back. It is more than time she made an appearance.

I am sure this list will be grow and change with time. For now, this is the beginning...


  1. HOORAY! You know I love a LOVE LIST! I spent a month blogging everyday about my love list!

    We are indeed Soul-Sisters!

    OOH this is DIVINE!

  2. Excellent list!! I love it.

    Of all that was listed I think #3 might be the hardest for some men. There are alotta dudes who aren't secure in their manhood. And that's sad.

    I'm sure that you'll find him...sooner than later

    Good post

  3. Lovebabz,
    When I realized that I was ready to move on, it was only natural that I started to think about what I liked in myself and what I wanted in a partner.

    Glad you liked the list. I am sure there will be more to come.

    Welcome back!(now that the word verification is off lol!)

    Being secure in yourself is a hard thing for a lot of people to find. But, I find that people who are secure with themselves are less likely to be insecure in their relationship with you.

    Yes, I will find him (or he will find me). I am not treating it as a hunt, so when it happens it will happen. I am only opening my eyes to the possibilities.

  4. Nice list, and I hope that you are able to find the one person to make sure heart sing. Being a hopeless romantic myself, i can imagine how much joy that person will bring.

    when i clicked on the link and saw that episode of a different world i smiled. that is probably my favorite moment ever on TV. love the way dwyane wayne loved whitley so much that he couldn't stand to see her take another man's hand. that aint nothing but love. LOL.

  5. Yes Yes Yes!!!

    So glad I came along today to read your list.

    Real love can truly be found. I pray that by your releasing your list to the universe, you find that real love, that real man who loves you as you desire and beyond.

  6. Don,
    Yes, that episode of A Different World is a classic tv moment. Imagine how much determination and love it must take to do that in real life. That is the type of love I know I deserve and am willing to give.

    I am glad you came over to comment on my love list. So many positive things are happening in my life right now, they almost seem surreal. I am trying to enjoy each and every moment as they come.

    I know that real love is just around the corner. I wanted to put my list out into the universe and let life take its course. I'll be the one smiling...of course! :)