Thursday, August 28, 2008

Craving Chemistry

Growing up not many of us (myself included) were excited about Chemistry class. The formulas that you had to balance and the equations that needed to be solved. You could hear the groans from the hallway.

Slowly, the dislike toward chemistry changed after graduation.

People spoke about the same word with different meaning. It still referred to two things (or people) and how they reacted with each other. But as we got older, people started to look forward to chemistry. They wanted to feel the reaction between themselves and another person. Each day they looked forward to the chemical reactions in their brain that made their stomachs do flip-flops when they saw that special someone. That unexplainable feeling when the person takes your hand for the first time or that never-will-have-again first kiss.

The emotion of knowing someone else so well, that you can tell in an instant when they are having a bad day from the sound of their voice. That special feeling that only that certain someone can give you when they put their arms around you and take away the pain from that difficult day. Yes, I am talking about that kind of chemistry.

Chemistry can not be faked or forced. What it can be is electric, so much so that people around you can pick up on it.

Not long ago I saw a lady out with her husband and son watching another couple at the coffee shop. I wondered to myself why she was watching this couple who seemed to be simply enjoying each other's company. After the woman in the couple found the lady watching her, they simply smiled at each other and it hit me. The couple's chemistry was magnetic as they stole sly smiles at each other and laughed easily.

Ahhh yes, chemistry is a b*tch! But give me that kind of chemistry any day!!!!


  1. Sister,

    You are speaking my language! Yes indeed! I like that feeling! I am one for how I feel about people. I am either instantly drawn to someone or I am not. And I do not mean just romantically either. I have a vibe about everyone I encounter...good and bad.

  2. i love the way that you broke that down.

    chemistry is soooooo necessary nowadays. lol!!!

  3. Hi Lovebabz,
    I agree. I have learned to follow my first instinct on people. It is rarely wrong, and when I go agianst my gut feeling I often regret it.

    Thank you. Even though some things fade, I think if you have chemistry in the beginning, it is always there.

  4. I'm glad I didn't judge your post by the included image. I didn't occur to me to think that is where you were headed. But chemistry is powerful. It can happen from miles away just from the sound of a voice over the phone, it can occur from an email message, there are so many ways to spur on an attraction. It's truly amazing how beautifully God has structured us.

  5. "Chemistry can not be faked or forced. What it can be is electric, so much so that people around you can pick up on it."

    This is the realest statement ever!

  6. I enjoyed the read, and I co-sign everything you wrote concerning chemistry. Shared chemistry makes me feel like I'm one with a woman, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  7. Great post.

    The chemistry between two people comes naturally as you said "it cannot be forced".

    I know so well the feeling you crave and I hope that you find it and share it with someone special.