Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Love List...Sweep Me Off My Feet

I love to dance, and this is a picture of one of my favorite dances. It is a couples dance to Jill Scott's He Loves Me. Of course, the picture tells nothing of the actual performance with three couples and the keyboardist who sped up the song to make it sound like the house version. Or, the vocalist who did everything she could except stop singing to get him to slow down. But, the picture captured this one moment in time for eternity.

It is the same way in life. We get so caught up in the wrongs that we forget what went right. We refuse to live and enjoy that moment in time. I am learning to enjoy each good moment.

Although it was a performance, I want a man to look at me with this kind of intensity. Sweep me off my feet with a love that makes me feel special. I want to have great memories that last a lifetime. I want to think about him and smell his cologne in my fantasies.

Apparently, God has been hearing me. In an effort to be a little more specific with God, here are my additions to the Love List:

KayC's Love List:

21. Preferably has no children
22. Is articulate and can express himself.
23. Does not make marrying a hobby ( I do not want to be wife #4 or #5, etc.)
24. Mature and acts his age, but can easily let his hair down
25. Spontaneous
26. Is not ashamed of showing love
27. Romantic, likes to cuddle and show affection
28. Takes care of home before he takes care of other people's homes.
29. Believes in me and encourages me
30. Knows how to say "no" with tact and respect

KayC's Love List # 1-20


  1. Divine!

    Yes you are onto something grand!
    That love list is speaking truth to power.

  2. i dunno about #21. you and i are prolly around the same age. i don't know many men our age who don't have any churren. lol

    love #28...its very important

  3. Everytime I hear that song it moves me. Jill was on to something when she wrote it. I love to see her perform it live.

  4. Lovebabz,
    I think I am onto something here. I am trying my best to just enjoy it as it comes.

    Can I have my fantasy?? lol

    I know you are right, but that is why this is my ideal list. I am sure there will be things I will compromise on. Being real though, after the age of what...20 or so, it is hard to find a man without churren.

    Hi Monique,
    Yes, that song was an instant classic. I wonder if she feels strange singing it now? Or maybe she just thinks about the new beau?

  5. "We get so caught up in the wrongs that we forget what went right. We refuse to live and enjoy that moment in time."

    I needed to read this as a reminder for me.

    Your love list is grand. I didn't even think about #23 but I'm nodding my head to it.

  6. Well...I flunked two of the love list qualities this time. But I once again enjoyed reading your list.

    I also agree that we as mere human beings tend to get caught up in what's wrong and lose sight of all that is 'just right.' Good observation.

  7. I righteously desire to marry a woman who has kids - go figure.

  8. Msknowitall,
    Thank you for the compliment. Sometimes we need to hear other people say something to spark that same thing in ourselves.

    I find myself often nodding my head when I read your blog :)

    Glad you enjoyed the read. I am curious to know which two you failed. lol! Kids, and what else?