Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tagged...Siete (Seven)

My blog sister Monique has tagged me again, LOL! This one is a meme of 7 things.

(In my best Fresh Prince voice - for those of you who can remember this infamous song)
Drums please:

1. I hate desk jobs. They bore me to tears. One day I will have a career that allows me to have flexible hours and do something that I truly enjoy. I like what I do now, would like it better if I could do it for myself and be paid what I'm worth. Side note: I'm working on it, I have a few things in the pot simmering.

2. My baby brother is younger than some of the children of the men I have dated. I think about that when I think of getting serious with any of them. That would make for interesting family gatherings. My sister being the same age of your daughter or my brother being younger than your son. *SMH* When did family dynamics get so complicated?

3. I dream of having a backyard garden/living space. Complete with stone pavers and a small pergola with a hammock for lazy days. My dream garden would have amazing roses and a hydrangea bush that bloomed rich blue blossoms. I have my first backyard (ever, in life) and I dream of what it would be like if I had about $3,000. One day...

4. I was a late bloomer. My confidence was non-existent until college and it was only average then. Amazing what pledging and being thrown into the world wearing three Greek letters will do for you.

5. I have never traveled outside of the USA and have never owned a passport. This will change next month. I will apply for a passport and travel somewhere to use it by the end of this year. Period!

6. I have only taken one vacation in my entire Hawaii. I enjoyed every minute of walking, eating and getting the darkest I have ever been. It took weeks before my skin recovered.

7. Until very recently I have only dated African-American men. Not that I do not find other races attractive, they have never approached me like that. Last year changed that, Moa is Puerto Rican - not that we are dating but it definitely would not be a bad thing (and dancing Salsa will likely broaden it). Gotta love those hardwoods :-)

There you have it, a meme of siete things about KayC. As always, you can play along if you feel so inclined. Things are good on my end and I hope things are great on yours!

Peace & Blessings...


  1. I am reading this from my desk job and I echo your sentiments! Yes, we will do something we enjoy, with a salary that compliments it.

    I don't know when family dynamics became so complicated but I am in a relationship with someone whose dynamic is too funny to believe!

    Girl, get that passport and book that vaca... I am aiming to venture to Antigua, WI in the summer and I'd love to do Europe in the fall...

  2. I love desk jobs. LOL! But I guess that's because I am older than yourself and have a bad knee (excuse, I know).

    I like late bloomers as well. They appear more refreshed than others which is always a good thing, cause it tends to inspire others around.

    I wish I could make money writing novels and travel the entire world, especially Brazil.