Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Addiction...One More Hit

My habit...
is a full blown addiction.

My name is KayC and I have an addiction. He is my addiction.

It was my first Salsa instructor's birthday. His SO announced to the group that she was secretly celebrating his birthday at my somewhat regular midweek spot. We call him Sinsei (thought we would get away from the Latin names) and birthdays are big in the Cuban community. The birthday person stands in the middle of the rueda and everyone (typically the opposite sex) dances around them until everyone gets a turn to dance with the birthday person.

That week was rough for me. I decided to take a nap and slept right through Sinsei's birthday gathering. I was disappointed that I missed it but the group decided to celebrate his birthday with another Salsera that weekend.

Of course it was at the spot owned by my addiction.

I was doing well. A simple hug hello and I tried my best to stay occupied with Salsa. But when he passed by me and played in my hair...I was done. Later, it was reiterated with the flirtation of stroking my arm or touching me as he walked by. Staring at me while I danced. Yeah, I tried not to notice but the spirit knows when it is being watched.

Strange, the attraction is growing. The woman I mentioned in my earlier posts showed up as well. She did not take the Salsa lesson but I was amused at my friend's stories about her later that night. They picked her out the crowd without knowing who she was. They stated her stalkerish behavior and faces she flashed my way as her giveaway. Apparently I would be dead if looks could kill as she constantly kept tabs on both of us.

Her misguided anger did not bother me. I love to dance and my fellow Salseros heated that place up (literally) until everyone was sweating. I had a blast! He called me groovy wonderful - as usual and I must admit those four words fed my high.

My addiction...gave me one more hit.

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. it's funny how when we have an addiction, at times, it only takes a little bit to feed it. but then again, the whole night was a feast for your addiction.

    i hope you enjoy the ride. the flirtatiousness and petting are intriguing.

    peace & blessings to you too sis!

  2. The style of dance you practice is steeped in eroticism, add an appealing love interest and that could spell big trouble.

    Hang in there.

  3. MsKnowitAll,
    The highly visable and open flirtation/petting was...unexepected. Simply my addiction staking his claim to the crowd.

    Never thought of Salsa as erotic but many people share your opinion. Luckily my addiction is a Salsa 'novice' and seems content to watch. I hear you though :)

  4. love highs are always the best until we come crashing down.. i hope you continue to get your fix.

    Question: was there any interaction between him and dagger eyes?

  5. Luv,
    LOL - I see everyone is intrigued by this addiction. No one could remember any interaction between the two of them.

  6. What's wrong with feeding your addiction? LOL

  7. I am here by way of Don :) I am now a new follower! I loved this one!

  8. 12Kyle,
    Repeat after me "Addictions are NOT good for you." LOL!

    Welcome to The Storm. Comments are always appreciated.

  9. Love this post! I so feel you on the addiction, and small "hits" that keep you going and wanting more. I am now in the last phase of weening myself from my latest addiction, and it feels so good!

  10. Funny! There was this guy that I went to high school with and no matter where I went I always seemed to "run" into him. I don't know if he was addicted to me and stalking me or what, lol, but it would be the oddest places that I would run into him! I've been addicted- oh lawd that ain't nothing nice:) I am still hoping to do some salsa this summer! Two days left with the students and two days of post planning then I am free for alittle while:)