Friday, April 23, 2010

Retreat, Reflect and Recharge

I did it again.

I ran away.

I was overloaded and about to explode. Furloughs, pay freezes, layoffs, miscalculated escrows, leaky faucets...all of it had me on the edge. Sink or swim and I was up to my eyeballs. One of the few perks of my job is the time off. Everyone was looking forward to spring break and I was no exception.

It started with a great Easter. An old-fashioned Easter egg hunt with money and candy stuffed eggs. One of my younger cousins found the golden $20 egg and the silver $10 egg. He was a hunting machine! Of course only money can get a teenager to do this for plastic eggs:

Notice he missed the obvious one on the trunk of the car, LOL!

I had a full week. Hanging with a few new friends at a pizza lounge for a few slices and drinks, dancing (of course) at a Salsa social and a few social events. I attended Salsa class, tried to dance up a storm at my mid-week venue but was disappointed at the number of people who go to a Latin night for the first time and treat it like an R&B club!

(Etiquette Tip: Do NOT stand in the middle of the dance floor during Latin night. You will get hit and/or stepped on and no it's not their fault. It's a DANCE floor!)

Needless to say I only got in a few dances but was happy to see a few dance partners I had not seen in months.

I was kidnapped by Frat at a social event and had to eat and drink my ransom before I was allowed to leave ;-) Love my Blue & White! They would surround me and make sure my glass was full and food was in front of me. My job was to sit there and be cute. Ummm...OK:

Laughed and ate with them for hours until I was asked to join a friend at another lounge. All of that before I hopped a plane to see my family in Florida. My niece's word of the day was "no" but she stole my heart anyway (yet again).

In a total act of randomness I can cross off another item on my 50 Things To Do list. I had dinner with all of my siblings, my brother-in-law and my niece at my father's dinner table. There is not enough words to explain why this was a major event. It was totally impromptu and went extremely well. Top that with great conversation and laughs and it was the perfect getaway. My sister and I picked up little sis earlier that day and had a sister's lunch only to find out baby brother felt left out. Who knew a 13-year-old would want to hang with his sisters?

He's adorable. Such a teenage boy but I think it had to do more with the food and getting out of working with Dad. Told him next time we would get him as well and he seemed happy with it.

I had a great visit and I am already missing them terribly. My father asked would I move back and I immediately told him no. My time there has passed. If I had the money I would quickly buy a condo there on the beach. Although I do not go often, my home town has the ability to allow me to retreat, reflect and recharge.


Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time that you needed.

  2. awww..sounds great..i am going to escape next weekend ..can't wait it.. wish i was going home but they killing folks like it's going out of style..

  3. Very warm and delightful post.

    To be honest, Kay C. you resemble a teen yourself. Says something good about yourself and your brother the fact that he wants to be in your company.

    Too funny @ but was disappointed at the number of people who go to a Latin night for the first time and treat it like an R&B club!

    I feel you on the great conversations over dinner and just being able to reflect. I spent yesterday with my daughter and mom at her house and it reminded me of what family should always resemble.

    Enjoyed the read.

  4. Everyone,
    Yes, it was a great time and a wonderful visit. More memories to cherish.

    To be honest, Kay C. you resemble a teen yourself.

    Thanks but it's partly due to great genes.