Monday, April 5, 2010

The World is Mine...

I recently received my very first passport.

Lame...I know. I am on the other side of 30 and this is my first passport.

I made a promise to myself (and my cousin) since God did not bless us with children or a life partner that we would see the world together. Our parents never traveled and never had the drive to see the world.

Neither of us are middle-class but we made a pact to go on at least one sister-girl trip a year. We are mapping out our savings plan, looking into where we want to start our travels and getting serious about our destinations.

My 50 things to do list included going on a cruise and my first trip with my cousin is a cruise! It's with a portion of my Salsa group and we plan to dance and have a great time. It was the perfect first trip for us and I have a few girlfriends who are also going with us. I can't wait!

The only downside to this cruise is that I will miss my Salsa instructor's annual trip to Cuba. Another big thing for me is to Salsa in a club in Havana. Next year that will be crossed off as well!

This passport is my ticket to the world.

One more step on my trailblazing life.

One more thing the generation before me did not experience...


  1. "One more step on my trailblazing life."....

    and THAT is what its all about...

    Living and enjoying life.

    Stay blessed...

  2. Hand claps to you!

    I got my passport in 2001 and have inked it up a little but this year my seasoned friend has promised to help me ink it up so more... I can't wait!

    It's beautiful when we can look at our lives and see the synchrony... the salsa group... your passport... now you're traveling out of country with the salsa group. Congratulations to you!

  3. Congrats on that passport. I think when I got mine and I too was over 30, I kept looking at it like WOW. I've been on 3 cruises and they all were wonderful. Be like Nike and just do it.

  4. (Hiding my face, lol), I don't have one either. I filled out the application a few years ago for a trip to Canada when the school decided they "could not" use funds for a trip out of the states. WTH? IT was a reading conference, lol! Then I was supposed to get one for a trip to Jamaica (I think), but when I waited to the last minute I decided we would go to Puerto Rico instead:) LOL! I am gonna have to get one:) I have never been on a cruise either. I want to go, but got scared when all those pirates were taking over ships. Yes I am a mess, I must admit, lol! Happy travels. I want to go to Bermuda, Turks and Caicos (but will steer clear of the priest, lol) Jamaica and the Bahamas, oh and Cabos. I am sure there are some other places, this is just to start.

  5. You have become a citizen of the world!

    When I was a younger woman(20 yrs ago) they used to stamp your passport with stamps representing the countries you visited. They don't that anymore. But so what! GO and race around the world!

  6. Congrats, Kay C.

    And I don't even have a passport. The only chance I had to travel and see the world was during my stint in the military and I chickened out from living in Germany for a few years.

    You and your friend enjoy yourself to the fullest. I believe it's a dream of many people to travel the world and experience different cultures and life experiences.

    So, yes, enjoy yourself. One trip at a time.

  7. Thanks everyone for the warm wishes. Yes, one trip at a time.