Monday, March 29, 2010

Learning to Lead

I mentioned earlier I was invited to join an all-women Salsa performance group. Practices have started and yours truly was picked to be a lead. HA! My friend and I both started at the same time which made it a little less intimidating to join a group of ladies (even though they are very friendly, warm and understanding) who already know the routine. We have a few practices under our belt now and let me tell you blog family leading is NOT easy!

Since learning to dance Salsa I have wanted to learn to lead because there are always an abundance of women at the dance venues. Before joining the performance group, my friends and I vowed to learn to lead because we thought it would be fun. It is fun but very different than following. Parallel life comparison, right?

When you learn to follow it is about leaving your arms loose for the man what he wants to do with you! Your job as a follower is to keep your feet (left, right, left. right, left, least in Casino style Salsa) and not stop dancing.

When you learn to lead it is all about timing. Knowing where your partner is in relation to other people on the floor. Keeping them safe so they will not bump into anyone or get stepped on. Have an idea of what you want your partner to do so the dance is not boring. It is your job to keep your partners steps smooth, know where she is and make her movements flow. Even in a choreographed routine it is about timing, steps and flair in the turns. Taking great care to make your partner look good. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Similar to life off the dance floor hardwoods leading and following is a difficult challenge to master. It takes a very open-minded individual to go from being a follower to a leader and be able to successfully flip that from a leader to a follower in the next dance. Now that I am learning to lead, I have to make a conscience effort to follow. My instinct is to immediately take the guys hand instead of giving him my own.

I need to make sure in learning to lead I have not forgotten how (and when) to follow.

On and off the dance floor...

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

    Sounds very familiar. I love the double meaning of your post. It really makes a person think.

    Leading when it's time to lead and following when it's time to follow - that is IT! Definitely how I subscribe to my relationship.

    Enjoy your Salsa dance. I remember the video you once posted.

  2. Before responding to the comments I think it's interesting how the first comments on this topic were from men ;-)

    Thanks for the comment.

    I realized the double meaning while dancing with someone I had danced with for about a year. He said how much easier it was to lead me, it wasn't bad before but now he could hardly feel my hands. My response was if only it was as easy off the dance floor!

    We laughed about it and then he said "It can be."

    That video was at my birthday party dancing with my Salsa instructor :) I need to record my first performance with the Salsa group.

  3. If I didn't congratulate you before, I congratulate you now for being invited to join the Salsa group and when you're coming to New York, you know how to reach me!

    Great post...

  4. Very cool word-weaving & metaphoric prosing, my Sista.
    Skillz! Stillz, I say!

    Back in duh day, when the hustle was hot-tah(dating myself), I won a few contests... cuz i had it like dat. (smiles) So Salsa dancing has always intrigued me. Hope you're getting your steps down. When it's done right, it can be mad sensual. National Dance day seems like a good idea... tho some for us, dancing is deeply embedded in our souls.