Monday, March 1, 2010

Beyond Words

Words to describe you
escape my mind
fear, hope, frustration, fascination
all these things so easy to find

I am so grateful for you
beautiful beyond words
I simply can not describe you

gorgeous silhouette in the darkness
gives me a knew appreciate of men
running my fingers through your hair
I enjoyed each and every moment

The intimacy reached far beyond sex
learned so much about each other
anticipating what comes next...

Copyright 2010 - KayC, The Quiet Storm

There are no coincidences, there is a reason why our paths have crossed. Fear still holds me from jumping. I want to live in a way that allows me to enjoy life but fear still holds me bolted to the floor. It tells me that I do not want to hurt him. He has been through so much already and sadly thinks real love is not for him.

Ironically I have always thought of a woman being the trophy wife or eye candy. Until meeting him I never thought how a man would feel after being treated as eye candy or the boy toy. When we first met I was struck by his looks but after getting to know him he is...such a pleasant surprise. Every time we connect he brings a smile to my face and I am terrified.

I enjoy each interaction with him. He is an amazing person, a wonderful man and simply...beyond words.

(edited to add - I am not sure where this is going or how it will end. It may become just a wonderful friendship but either way my outlook on relationships has been changed for the better)

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. More than anything, this sounds refreshing! Can't wait to hear more about the evolution of this relationship.

  2. CHEERING! GO GO GO! Let this romance grow! allow this to be whatever it will be in this moment. KICK FEAR TO THE CURB...NO PLACE FOR IT HERE!

    You deserve to be refreshed, surprised and wooed! Gurl, you better ride this wave! Live the love you want!

  3. Princess Tinybutt,
    Hello there! Glad you stopped by. Yes, ahhhh indeed.

    I have learned and grown from this experience already. We both have 'fears' and I am learning to be patient and give him his space as needed.

  4. Beautiful... I wish my relationships would start working like that...

  5. Take your time. Just because he's not ready for real love right now...doesn't mean that he won't ever be...

  6. moonlightam,
    This kind of found me. Was not looking for it and was kind of content with my personal life until this...

    Point taken. Luckily I have patience when needed and I am not trying to force anything. Whatever will be will be.

  7. I see no negatives here. Hopefully this will be the start of something great relationship-wise, or like you said, the beginning of a great friendship.

    Like Kyle said, even though he maybe isn't ready now, there's no telling what great opportunities the future may hold.