Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One of the Last of a Dying Breed...An Endangered Species

My performance group had another successful show. I have learned so much about myself dancing and acting with this group. They have taught me that I am a phenomenal woman. God has blessed me so many talents that I have wasted until now because I never believed in myself. I internalized all the negative that people threw at me and grew armor so thick it was covered in ice.

The performance group I will affectionately refer to RR has given me wonderful opportunities to find me again. To embrace the real me and gain wonderful new friends. I've been exposed to great music and have discovered I can feel music instead of simply dance to it. I can appreciate a great percussionist and know that I am enough, regardless to what anyone has to say.

I am an endangered species. I can cook a great home made meal, I can whip up a mean red velvet cake from scratch, I know how to clean, I enjoy sports and can debate the rules with you, I know the proper way to do a squat, dead lift, kick back and bench press in the gym, I am one of the last of a dying endangered species.

My performance group danced to a song that truly spoke to me last year. This artist was best known for song Better Days, but to me this song is her greatest. I hope you enjoy it and that it speaks to all of my Endangered Species...

I am an endangered species
But I sing no victim's song
I am a woman I am an artist
And I know where my voice belongs
I know where my soul belongs
I know where I belong

Endangered Species - Dianne Reeves

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  1. Oh Sister this is DIVINE!

    We could not have heard this song fully until now. Yes yes! we are certainly an endangered species...the last of a dying breed of women.

    This is such a thought provoking post. I am already beginning to meditate on this and discern some meaning to it speaks to me fully...deeply.

    Yes I was supposed to hear this today. Thank you.