Monday, March 16, 2009

Believing in Bliss

My eyes closed
Enjoying your fingers
Run through my hair
Touch my scalp tenderly
Losing myself slowly

Getting lost
Caught all up in this new find
As your hands run down my back
This moment burned in my mind
Losing yourself slowly

My skin responds
To being touched
As it’s been so long
Since fingertips have brushed...
As I lose myself slowly

Maxwell plays softly
As both our eyes are closed
Intimacy finds us
Fully clothed
As you lose yourself slowly

Never would have imagined
It could feel like this
To simply lay next to someone
In total bliss…

Copyright 2009 - KayC, The Quiet Storm

I wrote this the beginning of February. After a perfect date with a wonderful man. My line-sister/road dog/sister-for-life tells me all the time that "God does not coincidences" and I am starting to believe her.

I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if you have no idea of what that reason may be. My last post was about Doubt. This about fear. Fear is a powerful motivator. When things go wrong people fear what will happen next. They talk about the other shoe dropping like it is a ticking time bomb.

How about when everything seems right?

Why do we (as humans) forget that somethings things are just supposed to be. Why do we let fear run us away from something because it feels too easy, too nice and just too right? Because we fear we may not be ready for what God has placed in front of us?

Why is it that when we ask for something and get it, we run away from it?


  1. ...cause an argument, get mad over the foolish instead of choosing love...

    I know all about fear. I made quick friends with fear and it's one of the friendships I don't mind ending.

    Why is it that when we ask for something and get it, we run away from it?

    I say this same thing all the time especially after my last relationshp fizzled. All I can say is that I just wasn't ready. I thought I was open & receptive but when it was before me, it was all too much.

    I am reminded, by your post, that love is always easy. It's not supposed to be hard or come with a struggle. We must learn to trust just "what is"...

  2. You have NO idea~


    Love it



  3. What a BEAUTIFUL POEM! You are so talented!

    In any given moment you can choose your actions. You can choose love or choose fear. Fear is easy. Fear finds fault. Fears builds walls. Fear whispers youa re not good enough...ever.

    Choose love. If you only do so into God's care. There is no pit of hell except what we create in our minds.

    Choose love.


  4. MsKnowitall,
    Maybe we think relationships are too much because we don't believe we deserve a good loving relationship? Maybe your last realtionship was to simply show you that type of person exists. Like a great sneak preview of things to come?

    Thank you, and I am sure I have somewhat of an idea :)

    Real Talk,
    Hello! Thank you and be sure to come back and comment again.

    How are you? I had a wonderful and very handsome motivator that inspired that bit of poetry ;) You are so correct, if it feels so natural why fight it? Failure is simply a learning process.

  5. i love this.

    and that's a great question. i have done that in the past and i am challenging myself to not do it anymore.

    fear of the unknown is a very powerful thing.

  6. Muze,
    Hey! It's been a while since you've stopped in. Glad you liked the poem.