Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Cleanse - Week Three (Realizations)

I have made it through week three of this cleanse. The focus (for me) is to work on the residue that exists when things happen. Those things that you tuck away and forge ahead from but they still leave a little something that effects you, how you think, react, etc.

I had not realized that I was on week three until my co-worker pointed out that I had made it more than halfway through my 30 days. The hardest part is realizing how much effort I put into "being something" for other people. That being something can be a great date, great conversation, listening ear or sound board. It makes me a good friend but lousy person for taking care of myself. This cleanse has made me change a few of my habits especially around the holidays. Around this time of year I would be feasting on holiday movies that force feed you the girl-runs-away-from-troubles-falls-for-mr-right-enter-conflict/misunderstanding-then-realize-they-love-each-other-happily-ever-after-let-the-credits-roll type of movie. You know the movies I speak of. They are everywhere during the holidays making everyone feel some type of way about their own situation. No wonder the instances of mental issues, depression and such are so high around this time of year. Amazing how the U.S. culture creates it's own issues.

Another thing I have realized is that I do not allow myself to feel things. I do not mean wallow, what I mean is give myself permission to feel emotion no matter if it is good or bad before I forge ahead to the next thing. I have worked this week to allow myself to feel things so I can figure out why I feel that way and if there was something I could do to fix it so it will not happen again. Sometimes I can come up with a solution and sometimes it is what it is.

My spiritual journey has allowed me to keep control of my emotions. That is big for me right now with major changes at work. It was a trying week and I was extremely proud of myself that I was able to keep my emotions in check. Not only keep them check but not give people the power to upset me. Score one for KayC!

This journey is evolving and it came at a much needed time. Bring on week four!

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings...

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  1. I too need to work on residual feelings and allowing myself to feel... I am in that process right now and it seems to be too much for me at times... I rather not feel and keep it moving but I know that was hurting my growth