Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Cleanse - Day 1-3 (It's Raining Men) is raining men!

If you read my last post I am in the middle of a spiritual detox and ran across a 30 Day Love Cleanse on a site that I frequent and decided, why not? Now is also a good time to cleanse my relationship juju (is that a word?) while working on the rest of me.

It has been three days and I literally think I have heard from almost every ex and want to be next from the past four years. Including some I never knew were interested. Even one from the online dating world that I thought had fallen off. But the real entertaining one happened while treating myself to a brand new shiny flat screen for my living room a very attractive man (hey, I'm cleansing not dead) appeared out of what seemed to be thin air to ask if he could load it into my trunk for me. 

I'm a lady who loves men to be men so I obliged. After being asked a few questions he offered me his card "in case I wanted to call him later." Um, okay I admit to taking the card. I also admit to texting a brief thank you for helping with the TV. I also admit to wanting him to have my number but now I'm sure he thinks I'm ignoring him because I found my bearing and put myself back on track for my cleanse which includes:

  1. No sex
  2. No dating
  3. No flirting
  4. No contact with former lovers (or anyone you have an unbalanced relationship with)
  5. Increasing physical activity
  6. Living healthy (no fast food) 
  7. Journal my experience
Yeah, I failed at number 3 yesterday in the parking lot of the department store. This is not going to be as easy as I thought. I told my sister that God is sending men out of the sky right now. Her response was, "That's not God!"

My dearest Sis just might be right.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings...

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