Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Reflections 2010...Part II

I did something a little different this year. My birthday weekend started out with my first event on Friday. We competed with three other events and the opening night of the Potter movie but we did well all things considered. The feedback has been mostly positive so far and the Sangria I whipped up the night before went really quickly! (The marinated apple slices from the white sangria were a big hit :) HA!

The REAL hit was the tres leches cake I picked up from the spanish bakery near the job. I was a little leery when they messed up my order but the replacement cake was fabulous! A line formed as I cut it and everyone wanted to know where I got it. It was delicious!

Friday was great. Plenty of dance floor space, great music and a happy crowd. I had to tell a few people who hit up the beverage dispensor that it was not filled with punch, LOL! It was a great night and a good party. Of course we went out to grab food after we closed which meant I crawled into my bed at a whopping 4 am. After being up for almost 24 hours I used Saturday to recoop. My body was mad at me! I could barely move. I slept most of the day and hardly ate but it was so worth it.

Sunday I finally met the man behind the cupcakes! Fellow blogger Darius, Mr. Everyday Cookin' himself, was visiting the area and I met the crew for brunch at a popular breakfast spot. He is a joy to be around and I am glad I got the chance to sit, talk and laugh with him. We had a celeb sighting and enjoyed the view of Mr. Weber made famous by the Fab Five as he enjoyed his food at the next table over. I do not have a photo of Mr. Weber (who looked great, BTW) but I do have a photo with Darius, check out the cupcakes ;-) LOL!

I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of well wishes and love. There are many more photos that I am keeping to myself :) I so enjoyed my weekend and thank you to everyone who came out to my kick-off event. That is one memory I will cherish for a lifetime. On to the holiday season ...

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. tres leches bizchocho... looks so good!

    and the cupcakes look good too... they look like they will add more dips in my hips!

    i am salivating while reading your post!

  2. Sounds really really nice and the cake looks delicious - chocolate and strawberries.

    Sangria, eh? Nice.

    Even had the opportunity to meet the great Darius.