Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Thunderstorms...(Really?)

All of your emails can not be urgent. If they are, maybe you should REALLY reconsider your definition of urgent?

I have gone through some emotional and spiritual healing. Some people did not make the cut. Such is life, really.

No raises, again for the third year and furloughs on top of that? Really? At least it is only one furlough day this year.

I REALLY thought I was ready for love to enter my life again and it seems I have met the last men in my city that want to 'take things slow and get to know me' and I am speechless. Enjoying every minute of it but...speechless.

I am really trying to get my fears under control. One step at a time, one day at a time. Fear is really a powerful motivator.

I went skating for the first time since 4th grade. Yeah, you read that right, the 4th grade. My accomplice skates every Sunday and let's just say KayC provided the entertainment and busted my ass! My accomplice? Skated over, helped me up, made sure I was ok before cracking up and telling me to keep going. was a funny night. Watching my accomplice skate was poetry in motion...REALLY!!!!

In speaking with a few male friends over the past few years I now realize that men and women face the same issues with dating and relationships. Men meet fake women and women meet fake men. Why is that 'real' men and 'real' women can not seem to meet each other? Especially before the 'fake' ones get to them and mess them up? REALLY?!?!?! Food for is a vicious cycle.

I finally realized men and women are not different. We all want the same thing (at least most of us) and that is to be treated well, with respect and care. Although there is a minority that is out there blazing trails reminiscent of General Sherman's march to the sea. Take your time, follow your gut and you can better tell the difference between the two.

Working in event planning/marketing/communications feels like banging my head against a brick wall sometimes. You give people a response to their requests and they want the opposite. Sigh....REALLY such a waste of my time.

When my divorce was final, the only thing I took was my name back. It REALLY irks me when people refer to me with the old name. Especially since he is married and there is another 'Mrs' now. Can you please get it right people? Geesh!

I'm really trying to stay positive and I realized this Random Thunderstorm is a vent....REALLY!!! LMAO ;-)

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. You know what, you have come so far and don't even realize it. I'm sure you do but to an extent you don't. You are doing the dang thing girl. And to see you recognize your shortcoming and where you need to eliminate baggage is awesomeness.

  2. Men and women all alot alike and I'm glad u realized that their are many men that want commitment loyalty and respect...but its our sins that keep us frm mr. or mrs rt the first time. We fornicate, shack up and hav kids out of wedlock and not necessarily in that order, but God gives us time 2 get it rt. I wish mine would have given me my name back lls but that's another story. Great Post!

  3. Rants or ok and, in my opinion, necessary.

    I think I'm working on year 3 without a raise. I have to look at my posts because I know I wrote about my 10 cent raise...

    I am grateful though. Things may be tight but I am not broke.

    I thought I was ready for love too but I was really ready to make peace and be grateful for life and living.

    I know that when it's my time, all things will fall into place.

  4. All the best while you and your fella navigate through that "getting to know you" part.

    I skated about two years ago and loved it. I fell a million times and still had a ball.

    Vents are healthy!