Monday, August 2, 2010

I Moved...Did you? Baila!

National Day of Dance has come and gone. Did you move? I DID!

Part of my movement was cut short when I had to meet a fellow performer to get my top to wear to the National Day of Dance Festival. But I more than made up for it later :)

I made my debut with my Salsa performance dance team. We participated at a festival in one of the more popular areas of town. It was sponsored by a local television station and they had many performances and dance schools present.

It was blazin' hot and by the time our time slot came around I was soaked! Since we did not have enough ladies to perform our routine, we had our Salsa dance school Director come out with us and conduct a Salsa lesson. The crowd seemed to love the first song but by song two...let's just say the 100 degrees in the shade was too much for them.

I don't know if you watch the show that started the MOVE movement but the guys who performed the robot pop lock routine went on stage after we did. Let's just say they were even more phenomenal in person than on television. As I stated before, the temperature was hovering around 100 in the shade and they had on complete gear and performed for the entire 15 minutes. My group wore tanks and shorts and my tank was soaked by the middle of our first song! I give them major props for that one! The crowd really enjoyed them.

After sweating off about 5 pounds of water weight I made it home in time to walk the furry one, relax a little and drive to my next engagement. It was the birthday party of one of my Salseros. Let me preface this by saying, their parties are good old fashioned house parties and they are invite only. I am not sure how I got on this coveted list but after attending my first party, these are a must!

They are invite only because they feed you, supply the adults 'spirits' and beverages and then move the tables out and party! When I say they feed you, they fire up the grill and put on steak, tortillas and shrimp kabobs. You wrap it up with this freshly made salsa, slap on some beans and eat until your heart is content! That is the BEST cook out I have been to and not only is the food flowing, but we could not help with anything! The Southern girl in me kept asking him to sit down and let us help, his response was "No, I like doing this. Did you have enough to eat? EAT! EAT!"

After the tables are moved out of the house, the lights are turned off, the disco ball is cranked up (yes, I said disco ball) and the DJ hits the tunes. My people of color may have invented the house party, but my Latino family perfected it! After the traditional Birthday rueda, there was a really large Tres Leches cake. Tres leches cake is the most delightfully rich and moist cake I have ever tried. After all of the eating at the beginning of the night, everyone has cake, more to drink and dances until....well, the last person drops! I have always called it quits early and never witnessed 'the end' myself. Their parties are better than any club I have stepped foot into.

In case you need proof, here is a short clip when the 'dance floor' was relatively empty. The dj was playing a merengue song (Salseros rest on merengue songs :) and the dance floor is considered empty at this point...

Yes, that is a Merengue version of In Da' Club and they were jammin to it! You know it's a good party when they give up on the air conditioning and just open the back door and hook up the fans. We danced, laughed, drank and sweat up a storm until the early hours of the day. I had wonderful Mojitos and on my way home I could not stop the smile that had found its place on my face as I celebrated with wonderful people on my National Day of Dance.

So, enough about my day. What did you do?

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. i moved! i started moving early saturday morning and it lasted until early sunday...

    i would have loved!to be at the house party - with the food, the beverages and i love bizcocho de tres leches!

  2. MsKnowitAll,
    Did you say a BIZCOCHO des Tres Leches?!?! Sounds wonderful! Do you have a recipe?

    They do at least 2 parties a year, so I'm guaranteed at least one more before the year is out :)

  3. Thats great about your dance thing...but losing 5 pounds of water due to perspiration doesn't sound like a good time to me, but you rocked it out anyway! I see you!

    And hook me up on the party invites!! I need some exclusive house party love too!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun. And that party...with all that yummy food and drink, sounds awesome.

  5. Looks and sounds like a great party. Makes me want to have an end-of-summer fiesta at my house. Hmmmmmm....*wheels turning*

    I actually danced around the house that day, the little one and I. I had a great time.

  6. i moved too! not that i need a reason to, or even music sometimes. but music moves my soul like nothing else and i just have to MOVE!!

    i miss it though and wish i could do more of it. stay tuned though...

    and you go gurl!!!


  7. Charles, was fun although I was melting. I added the 5 pounds back with the food and cake later that day.

    If you were closer you could roll with me anytime! We're allowed to bring guests.

    K. Rock,
    It was a blast! One day I will be able to throw a party like them. He always seems so genuinely happy. A joy to be around.

    I'm sure that house party will be fabu,just like you! :) Ummm...I'm expecting an invite Ms. Mo.

    Princess Tinybutt,
    Hey! How are you my dear? Thanks, music speaks to my soul as well. In any language and genre.

  8. I forgot:( I did move, but slowly, lol! Was that pic at Atlantic Station? I am definitely going to get out and participate in some salsa lessons. My birthday is at th end of the month! If I have to go alone I am gonna give it a try!

    That house party sounds fabulous!

  9. carmelnaps25,
    In an effort to keep some type of anonymity, I plead the 5th on the location ;)

    Come on out. I went to my classes 'alone' and trust me you don't stay alone for very long! Yes, the house party was fabulous.

  10. Dance is truly you. You appear very relaxed and happy in the photo.