Monday, July 26, 2010

Baila! (Dance!) - National Dance Day

July 31 has been designated as National Dance Day by a Producer of one of the dance reality shows. The purpose is to prove that dance can MOVE an entire country. Of course I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea!!!!

Since the recession (are we still calling it that?) I have nixed my gym membership and replaced it with more free dance. Latin nights with my name on the list, Salsa socials, performance group rehearsals and good old fashioned house parties.

I am issuing a challenge, a double-dog dare if you will (remember those?). On Saturday, July 31 you must move! I don't care if you get up and Tango through a song (Lovebabz), get your Bob Marley on (MsKnowitAll) or shake your thang (Monique) I just want you to move. I would give you a time limit but let's face it, if you get into it you will most likely move longer then you planned anyway and that is more than average. Just get off the sofa and shake it baby!

Yours truly has great plans for July 31 and I intend to update you on what KayC did for National Dance Day. You can guarantee I will get in more than my fair share of dance and movement before the day is out ;)

Tell me blog do you plan to celebrate National Dance Day? What can you do to participate?

A little something to give you a head start. If this does not make you move nothing will! Come on, do the dance. You KNOW which one I'm talking about ;-)

I'm a fool, I know it. But you feel good don't you? Dancing and laughing...

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. Hmm, what am I going to do? How about dance the night away, somewhere, in the living room with the family.

  2. You know what, I am going to break out some old Luke and Kilo Ali and booty shake in my living room for the evening. LOL It's definitely fun and a workout popping like that. LOL Viva la Baila!

  3. I almost broke into a pop locking session when I saw the title of the video. That was THE jam, back in the day. I actually liked that song better than Rappers Delight.

    National Dance Day? Hmmm. I can't see myself dancing. You'll probably catch me doing the same ol' two-step.

    Enjoy all those movements. I am sure you will.

  4. Oh I looooooooove it!!! Saturday, 7/31, I will make it my business to dance. While I have not gone to a club all "club season" this coming Saturday I will get whine up in a dancehall somewhere.

    This is great because I love to dance. While I enjoy aerobic activities I have decided to dance more.

    Thanks for this!!!

  5. Okay wait... I didn't listen to the song until after my comment. I just had my coworkers in stitches with my elaborate chair dancing!!!

  6. I'm going to be in a wedding that day so I'll be sure to 'Wobble' all night long in honor of National Dance Day!

  7. QueenBee,
    I plan to get in a few steps Saturday morning while cleaning the house before my day starts, sounds good to me!

    Kilo?!?!? took me back, LOL! *singing 'do you hear what I hear? That boom, that boom...*

    Go ahead, break out the old pop and lock routine. You still got it...LMAO!

    No problem, Sis. Get your whine on! ;)

    Couldn't resist posting that song. It is timeless fun and I could just see everyone dancing at work.

    Mrs. Mary Mack,
    Love it! No wedding is complete without some form of the electric slide. Get in a turn, cha-cha and stomp for me during the reception!