Monday, August 23, 2010

Diggin' Calle Real

Dancing in the Salsa scene has introduced me to a variety of music and people. I have learned so much about Salsa, Timba, Guaguancó and dancing on 1, 2 and Cuban style that my head spins sometimes.

Ironically I have only scraped the tip of the iceburg in studying Afro-Cuban and Cuban music. It amazes me where music has roots and what types of music gives birth to something different. My latest introduction is ironically a Swedish band (yes, I said Swedish) that is in my Salsa rotation constantly. They go by the name Calle Real (Cal-lay Ray-al) and technically they are a Timba band.

My Salsa performance group is currently performing to a remixed version of this song:

This band is BAD baby! They have breakdowns that would normally be found in R&B music and the lead singer's voice has a great tone. My performance group Director loves this group, so much in fact that our next routine is also to one of their songs.

I am adding them to the list of bands I want to see in person. The clips on the web are really good. Funny how few bands today can perform live. Looking forward to seeing them rock it like this in person:

Now that you are a little familiar with Calle Real, if you heard this band was coming to your city. Would you buy a ticket and go? Would you let the rhythm make you move and have a great night or would you pass on this maybe once in a lifetime opportunity and stay home doing the same things you have always done? Would you jam in the crowd even if you could not understand the words?

Come on blog fam, give me some feedback!

P.S. - Their music can be downloaded from their web site, Amazon or iTunes. Expand your music database and your playlists.

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. So I know we're suppose to be focusing on the music but these guys are hot. LOL

    Listening to it had me dancing around my office. I would totally buy a ticket and let their beats carry me away. You've inspired me to take a couple of dance classes.

  2. Nice vids. Now I gotta get up on this dancin! LOL

  3. Monique,
    LOL - My fellow Salseras also say they are hot. Think it's his stage presence. Whatever it is I agree, it works!

    I expect to see you and the Mrs on the dance floor soon.

  4. LOVE THE VID! this is great. thanks for posting!

    my co-worker, who is hindi, just asked me if i had some salsa songs because she fell in love with the gypsy kings.

    and with that, this friday i'm heading out for salsa and sangria. thank you - i'm steppin' out of my comfort zone.

  5. i love salsa but i am not sure about my 2 left..or maybe they 2 right feet..

  6. MsKnowitAll,
    There is a big Salsa Congress your way and a group performing I am absolutely mad I can not see. There will be some good dancing there over the holiday weekend :-)

  7. Luv,
    I know people who say the same but still dance and enjoy every minute of it. Don't let your feet stop you from enjoying great music ;)

  8. Have you tried Bachata? That's a good one as well:) Keep it up, Salsera!

  9. Music is good but those guys are CALIENTE!!! Especially the lead singer!!! lol Thanks for posting and y sigue bailando salsera!!!!

  10. i am someone who can certainly appreciate good music as well as the person who introduces me to such. there is something to be said about music that enters into one's spirit and leads he or she to believe that their feet are in sync step with the beats. that said, it would take a special person to bring out the Salsa in me. i admire your love for the dance, and the fact that you are inclined to share your passion with others.

  11. la.leche,
    Welcome to The Storm! Yes, I do dance Bachata. I absolutely LOVE it and almost every song Aventura sings :) Their last album is really good. Hope you come back again soon!

    Lead singer's name is Thomas and he is muy caliente! I do not plan to leave the Salsa lifestyle anytime soon. I have more artists I will introduce here but they are not as caliente as Senor Thomas ;)

    People have been kind and patient enough to introduce me to different things. I am only passing it along. If I introduce Calle Real to one person, and they do the same, we can open people's mindset one mind at at time.

  12. Wow! They are awesome. My husband I just started Salsa lessons here. This would be nice to pick up so, we can practice at home.

  13. ali,
    Glad you liked them. They have 2 albums, be sure to check out the other one. Email me for other good 'practice' music. My salsa collection is outgrowing my other genres of music :)

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