Monday, July 20, 2009

Why I Dance...

I've had many people ask questions about my choice to take up dance so late in life. They say "Yeah, that's cool" while giving me the side-eye and indifferent body language when they hear my answers.

Typically as Blacks/African-Americans/Afro-Americans (whichever you prefer) we do not delve into other cultures. We typically have no interest in learning about other people. I have always had a curiosity of other cultures, other languages and other people. Growing up I wanted to take dance, gymnastics, girl's scouts...all the things that wold require you to meet other people from other backgrounds. Unfortunately, growing up as an only child with a single mother there was no "extra" money to do any of those things. Money became even tighter after I started college and non-existent throughout my marriage.

Finally when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance to take dance, ballet, jazz, African, modern and that opportunity led to free Salsa lessons which led to free Bachata and Meringue. Yep, all of it is free!

Now as I get deeper into dance and want to improve my technique I think I will finally pay for an advanced class. That is only after two years of dance. Why do I dance? Because I finally get to fulfill a long-term desire and a longed for dream.

Dancing has placed incredible people in my path that I would not have met otherwise. And above all else...even when I am having a horrific day (like last Wednesday) I can go to a free Salsa event and the minute a man (many of whom I have never met) leads me into that first turn, a smile magically appears on my face and I forget all the B.S. in life and just enjoy that moment for every uplifting feeling it brings.

THAT is why I Dance!

Peace & Blessings...


  1. Dance girl, dance on! Love the picture. You look so pretty and happy.

  2. You do not need to explain, defend or even comment as to why you dance.

    You dance I suspect becasue it calls to your soul...spirit.

    Continue to follow your passion for the dance! We are the same!

    I love the Tango and I am doing it because it lifts my spirits!

  3. Dance and then dance some more. There is someone out there who wants to dance and can't. People kill me talking about it's too late in life, maybe for them but when the iron strikes, make fire and let it burn.

  4. This is awesome!

    I am a dancer! And I appreciate this.
    Actually I haven't danced since high school but every now and again I put all my cds and go to work.

    The pic you posted is so beautiful. And I liked the video. May you continue to explore your dancing, getting deeper in your technique.

  5. Insatiable One...Thanks! The performance group also includes a photographer who has a great eye. I am often at awe at the moments he catches :) I'm working on a wicked scrapbook!

    Lovebabz...I think I needed to explain it to myself, maybe voice it out loud? Yes, dance speaks volumes to my spirit. Music has spoken to me like that as far back as I remember. Dancing is merely an extension of it. I look forward to my first Tango lesson...been doing my research!

    QueenBee...I plan to dance in some shape, form or fashion until they put me in the ground. Then I imagine some great Salsa Ruedas in heaven!

    MsKnowItAll...Thanks! I am so happy and grateful that I had the courage to participate when the opportunity presented itself. Dance on girl!