Monday, July 6, 2009

Diggin' Raheem DeVaughn's new CD...It's FREE!

How many artists give their stuff away for free? Really, think about it. In the famous words of Katt Williams "Go ahead...I'll wait!" LOL!

I first mentioned Mr. DeVaughn in my Love List post here. He is one of the artists in my constant Neo-Soul rotation. (Remember when it was simply referred to as R&B?)

Mr. Raheem DeVaughn is one of my favorite artists and he is giving away his new CD for FREE via download. At first I was a little skeptical but after signing up on his new web site you will receive a link that absolutely lets you download his new CD The Art of Noise absolutely free. The 19 free tracks are even accompanied with the cover art.

I must admit a couple of cuts on the album are not my cup of tea, but there are tunes true to Raheem's style that have me hitting the repeat button. A few notables include his remake of Al B. Sure's Night and Day which would be extreme if he would stop talking in the end (still love you Raheem :). There are a few slow cuts Insomnia and Lay Awhile that made my slow jam list and a few bob your head neo-soul cuts that are well worth listening to.

With the price tag of free it is one of the best deals out right now. What do you have to loose?

Download it here.

Peace & Blessings...


  1. I am with you on this whole neo-soul thing...however I love it! R&B has become something unrecognizable these days.

    Will download it! THANKS!

  2. I love free!

    And I am a neo-soul lover as well.

    Already submitted my email. Thanks Sister Kay C.

  3. Did you say free? That's my favorite number.