Monday, July 13, 2009

What do you NEED? A Question Asked & Answered

I made an attempt to answer the questions "Who are YOU?" and "What do YOU want?" in this post. After posting my answers, I received this comment:

if i might ask
what do you need? - Sharon

It caught me off guard but after thinking about it, she was right. If I know who I am and what I want I should have no problems figuring out what I need, right? Wrong!

I immediately thought about needs vs. wants and made my initial list.

I need:

- a roof over my head.
- food in my pantry.
- to pay my bills.
- to fix that leak under my sink before the cabinets mold
- to fix my creaky stairs
- a better paying job

I need...none of those things.

Really, with the exception of the first two I do not NEED to have those things, but would like to have them.

I need to be loved, to be touched/held/entangled with a person who enjoys doing so. I need to wake up every day feeling like my life has a purpose and not wander around aimlessly in a dull routine that feeds my anger and frustration.

I need to see the wagging tail of my furbaby and the antics he comes up with while throwing his unstuffed toys around the house.

I need to laugh at least daily because it makes me feel good.

I need to know that beyond all else, God has a plan for me and has my back when NO ONE seems to understand or care.

I need to know there is something more to this thing we call "life" and the struggle that goes with it.

"What do you NEED?"

Who knew that question would be the most difficult to answer...

Peace & Blessings...


  1. I need Jesus to forgive me for all the crap I've done in my life that was worthless or has been unnecessary to the uplifting of His kingdom. As for wants, girl let me have a well-done steak and shrimp on the side. Tasty!!!

  2. I like your "need list". This is such a difficult question/answer because it causes us to cut the fluff and get to the bone.

    When I majored in psych we studied the 5 basic needs. One of which, probably the invisible need, is God - relationship and communication with him.

    I too try to laugh daily. :-)

    And just so you know, I think this has inspired my post for today...

  3. WOW! HHmmm must meditate on this and perhaps answer in a post or at the very least pose the question to myself in a post.

    Oh the inspiration of YOU!

  4. wow. i think this one is even harder for me to answer. I've been sitting on that "who are you? question for months now.

  5. I need the love and strength from God.

    That's it!

  6. i've been blessed to be aware of these things, and their differences, for a while now. and am honored that my life's work is to help other women figure this out.

    it is a hard one. and often a moving target as we take this journey called life and discover ourselves and evolve into who our Maker has created us to be.

    also, this is a timely 'check' for me that i need to revisit and update my 'list' too.

    thank you for asking the question. because it needs to be asked....and answered.

    be well :)