Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Creator Don't Make Mistakes

Every year I hear people talk about their resolutions and the new lists of dos and don'ts. I have not made a New Year's Resolution list since I was a pre-teen. Instead, I learned working on yourself and being a better person is a process that takes constant work and dedication.

My fellow blogger and parallel universe walker Lovebabz had an interesting post on being sick of hearing Lady O talk about her weight. I must agree. Ms. O has access to a personal chef, a trainer and more money than most of us could blow through in a lifetime. Proof positive that money isn't everything, right?

What is having everything? What does that mean to you?

It means so many different things to people. For me, it means loving me. How can I expect anyone else to love me when I can't stomach looking at myself in the mirror? My line-sister tells me all the time "God doesn't do coincidences and He doesn't make mistakes."

It took me a long time to realize I am good enough as is. Take it or leave it, baby. I choose to take it and I carry it well. Another one of my sistergirls was cracking up at me at a recent event we attended. They had a hoola hoop contest and yours truly is mean with a hoop. In fact, I made a couple of bucks from a few men that thought my hoola hoop skillz were good enough to pull money out their pocket. (Wasn't sure if I should be offended or flattered, but I sure put the money in my back pocket, LOL! :)

Wait for it, I'm bringing it back full circle.

I don't walk around with my nose in the air or think I am better than anyone else. There will always someone prettier, there will always be someone curvier, there will always be someone who has nicer hair, jewelry, eyes or drives a nicer car. What sets you apart from them is your confidence, and you get that from the love you have for yourself.

Love yourself first, and everyone else will follow...Sing it India!


  1. I make resoultions or goals as I call them to work on for the year.
    I keep them realistic.

    Volunteering, drawing close to God, eating healthier, exercising.

    It is more of me trying to be a better person than pleasing another.

    I love myself but I want to make myself better and have better.

    I think if Oprah is worried about her weight for health reasons then she should fix it. If it is to please America she needs to reevalute her thoughts.

    Anyway that is so funny that you made money hula hooping. I need to get me one and practice.

  2. You are so right. The only resolution you can truly make is to resolve to live better daily.

  3. Work that hoola hoop sistah! LOL

    I posted a long comment on Lovebabz's site a few minutes ago so I won't repeat.

    But you're absolutely right. I don't believe in coincidences and mistakes are just lessons that repeat when we don't get the lesson.

    We always want what someone else has instead of wanting what we already have. It makes so much more sense to dump all of that negativity and simple work on our confidence.

    I did it again with another long comment. LOL

    Great post!

  4. Sharon,
    Hey! I think we sometimees forget what really motivates us. Some people are not meant to be a size 4 or 6, it is what it is. Be the healthiest you can be and keep it movin'. After 20+ years of television I don't think America cares what size O wears.

    You better get that hoola hoop ;) My face was priceless when I realized it was money on the floor, LOL! Remember the Sommore joke about the hoola hoop and the sound it makes?

    Yep, simply living better is so hard to do.

    You can comment all you like! I agree about mistakes and repeating the lesson. Heading over to Lovebabz's spot to see your comments there ;)

  5. Sister this was indeed MY POST...LOL!

    I am one for resolutions not to show what I can't accomplish but a guide to use to saty focused...you know I am woman for lists of all sorts!

    As I age I am feeling this loud and clear. Soemthing magical happens to a woman...if she is in tuned and ready to recieve... ovafter 40 that changes your perspective. There ia a sense of knowing and accepting. Not settling, but being fine in our skin. And trying to convince anyone that we are worthy or lvoing, or anything.

    Yes we are indeed on the same journey!

    Our God does not make mistakes AT ALL! Each and everyone of us was divinely created and divinely crafted and LOVED. No one gets to say what GOD has created is unworthy or not acceptable.


  6. Wonderful way to look at things

    You're dope...I heart you.

    Now come to VA


  7. you hit the nail on the head. you've gotta live for yourself and nobody else. be happy with you. if you wanna make changes, make them b/c that's something that you wanna do and not what society wants you to do.

  8. I hear you loud and clear Ms Kay..Loud and clear...: )