Monday, January 5, 2009

I Am THAT Woman

I spent the last few weeks of 2008 hanging with relatives I have not seen in years, enjoying some great company and hanging with wonderful friends and fam. I have attended great parties and consumed more spirits than I care to admit, but it was absolutely wonderful.

I never thought I would be THAT woman. You know THAT woman, she enjoys herself despite the other women cutting their eyes at her, she enjoys a man's company without becoming completely wrapped up in him. She is comfortable enough to not let things get to her. Yeah, THAT woman.

It hit me like a ton of bricks over the holiday. I have become the woman I always wanted to be. I can celebrate myself without being cocky or arrogant. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way the woman I am going to be, but I am definitely not the woman I used to be. I used to dream of being stable, confident, comfortable in my own skin, and have a place to call home. I used to dream of being a performer, being on stage with a spotlight highlighting my performance.

On my Christmas vacation I realized that I had reached all those things. I have a stable job, thanks to working out and getting rid of the stress in my life I am confident in my skin, and I can walk into a room with my head held high. I can enjoy my own company and hold my own on any dance floor (with or without a partner). But my major accomplishments this year was getting a home that is now my safe haven and becoming that performer that I always wanted to be.

That dream of becoming an entertainer was pushed so far down in my psyche I had forgotten about it until someone asked me "when is your next performance, you dance like an angel." Me? I stood there in shock as surely she was not referring to me. But slowly I internalized that she was and told her of the next performance and hopefully she will attend. At the start of 2008 I thought my world was over and it would never be the same. I was right. My world will never be the same.

My world is now better than I could imagine it to be.

This year is not about resolutions for me. It is about continuing to make myself a better woman, a better person, making more steps to the person I know I can be. Enjoying the fact that I can walk into a room and be so comfortable in myself that other woman seem to be intimidated. Know that I can go to my own home and escape the world. But most of all, I know that GOD has brought me through the flames a better person, a more understanding person, a more mature person, comfortable in her own skin. Only GOD has made me THAT woman.

But I sure am enjoying her... :)


  1. Wonderful outlook
    Dope blog

    I'ma fan


  2. Hey, Kay C! Found your blog via Kyle's spot.

    I totally agree with you. Isn't it funny how a lightbulb goes off when you realize you're fab just the way you are? And, people can admire or despise you, but it doesn't make a difference in your life?

    I'll definitely be back for visit, this post made me a fan :-). Happy New Year!

  3. YES! YES! TES!
    I am am THAT woman TOO! Isn't it a good feeling to know that you are enough. I am learning that. I am finally getting that I am all I need right now. Anything else is icing on the CAKE!

    Happy New Year!

  4. eclectik,
    Welcome to the Storm! Thank you and I hope you come back soon.

    Hi there! Yeah, it took me a minute to get here but I think I like it.

    Glad you found me. Kyle is a mess (in a good way). Yes, my lightbulb moment was wonderful. Thank you for the compliment and come back soon!

    My Fabu blog sister, I hope the holidays were wonderful to you! I FINALLY get that I am enough! I wanted to shout it from the rooftops when it hit me. Thank you because you did have a role in helping me reach the place I now dwell.

  5. Still have moments, but I'm closer than ever to becoming that woman.... it is so exciting!! Enjoyed reading your post.

  6. Beautiful post!

    It is so beautiful when you don't question or 2nd guess yourself.

    Your head is high and like you said it's maturity, not arrogance.

    Gwan with your bad self Sis! You are THAT woman!

  7. i love the title! that's what i'm talkin bout! nuffin betta than a confident, strong, black woman!

    and yes...i am a mess. lol

  8. Sexybitch12,
    Welcome to the storm! Stop in anytime. I think we will always have moments but hopefully they become less frequent.

    Where you been girlie? Hope you enjoyed the time off. Glad to see you back. Maturity is definately a good thing.

    Kyle!!! Glad you liked it.