Monday, October 10, 2011

He Is...

For my blog Sis LoveBabz who wanted to know about the 'Man' I mentioned in my last post...something tells me she is not the only one who had the question.

I remember when I met him. I was at one of my weekly Salsa events a few years ago. At the time I was enjoying my Addiction and had no desire or curiosity to start anything with anyone. It was the middle of the week and I was enjoying my new found obsession with Salsa.

I make rounds at Salsa events, meaning I do not stay in one area of an event for long and have avoided (for the most part) being labeled as an On1, On2 or Casino dancer. He grabbed my hand and asked if I would like to dance. Hardly ever turning down a dance unless I am headed out the door or in serious need of a breather I accepted and we talked through our first dance. The usual conversation followed, name, where you learned to dance, do you live here, etc. I wish I could say 'and the rest is history' but this is not that kind of story.

We would see each other on the dance floor at various events and we would always dance at least once, sometimes more. The conversations kept coming over the years (I am a talker on the dance floor, if you can not talk and dance or if that annoys you please don't ask me to dance) and eventually he asked for my number.

Over a year had passed since we first laid eyes on each other. Yes, it was over a year before numbers were exchanged and by this time I was coming out of my Addiction and had started seeing someone else. I was not in the position to start anything and our first phone conversation was light. I remember thinking that I was not sure if this would/could go anywhere.

I thought he was a good guy but I just could not see it at that time. He loves to tell people that I was leaving to go on a cruise and told him I would call when I returned but he did not hear from me for three months. I laugh but it is true. I did not call him when I got back. I took that time to clean up my life and clean out the junk that took residence there. Even after cleaning house we remained friends and would talk from time to time.

Things changed one night about a year ago. I received a phone call from him early one morning saying that I left the event without saying goodbye. Still not knowing if he was showing interest or just small talk I waved it off until one night while waiting to say goodbye he stopped dancing with someone to dance with me before I left.

I am naive to certain things. He would call and talk to me as he drove home from salsa events and our conversations would last for hours. Still, I did ask if he was 'interested or just being nice?' Our journey began slowly when he answered, 'both.' The rest, as they say, is history.

I will not give a name or a description here as I am still very protective of this relationship. He does resemble a celebrity and gets asked for autographs from time to time with the occasional "Oh my GOD...I LOVE your show!"

I only see a resemblance at times and I am often in bewilderment as I see people stare when we are out and about. He handles it well but gets frustrated at times. I just laugh and walk away as people insist that he is being modest.

Now that I look at this photo if you trim down the facial hair and make his hair a little shorter...well, the resemblance is uncanny. Ha! I have missed that all this time.

With that in mind...let's just call him Theo ;-)

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. Ha ha at the resemblance! LOL

    Loved the story of your meeting!!

  2. AWROITE! Cyber high five. I see that love is in the air for a few of us. Good luck with yours.

  3. How divine! I raced right over when I saw your post over at my blog. I saw this up and I was making my way here!

    What a fabulous beginning! See how lovely things are when we don't operate from a place of lack and desperation. Taking time to clean up one's life is such a grand thing!

    I hope you continue to lean into this loveship. Let it grow, just be sure to tend to it and give it nurturing. You deserve all the attention!

    Oh you must keep me updated. And I am certainly keeping this on my prayer rotation :) Oh I am so thrilled by this!

  4. Ohhhh KayC and Theo sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G! LOL