Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Thunderstorms...(Wooosaaaaaa)

I have a friend who makes me want to shake her. She's beautiful, has a great job and a great home with a cute daughter. Why do I want to shake her? Because she is a dating a man who she allows to treat her poorly even though there are tons of men (of all sizes, shapes and wallet depths) lined up to take her out. Yet she finds faults in all of them to continue on a self-destructive path with a ninja turtle! Woooosaaa!

Waking up with a slight layer of cold sweat all over, overheating and forgetting things?!? This is not fun...I denounce you in the name of the Lord! I am way too young for this...WOOOSAAAA!

I tried to do the Life Class everyone is raving about but that certain ex-talk show host wrecks my nerve with the 'holier than thou' way she talks sometimes. Yeah, I may not finish this....Wooosaaaa!

I walked into a store the other day and saw Halloween Candy next to Thanksgiving decorations right next to the Christmas decorations...all on one aisle. REALLY?!? Are they not worthy of their own space in their own time? Have we really become that lazy of a society that we can not wrap our brains around the changing of time and the respective holidays in their own time? I would not be surprised to see Valentine's day candy in December now...Woooosaaaa!

I paid 3.15 to fill up my tank last week, this week it is 3.39. Not one person has mentioned this is those republican primary election debates. You want to to talk jobs, how about starting with gas and food prices?!?! Woooosaaa!

Everyone wants to talk about giving relief to people who have interest only loans and can't afford to pay their mortgages. How about we do this...those people would be okay if they purchased something they could afford. Bail out someone who is bad with money and make bad choices and 2 years from now do you know what you have? The SAME people making bad choices with their money. How about you give the people who can make their mortgage payments a break? Drop their interest rate first, they obviously are good with their money and can make good choices with the money they have. How is it that you help people who can't manage money before you help those who have proven they can handle it? You want to pump money into the economy? HELP THOSE WHO ARE IN A POSITION TO DO SO!!!!!

You don't need a 4 bedroom house when you only have 1 child and make less than 40k a year. You don't NEED a house that costs 250K when you can only AFFORD TO PAY $700 a month. If you bail out these people we will continue to be in a downward spiral. The people who are legitimately handling their business are getting tired of the hearing they can not receive help until they become the less responsible...Wooooo-m-f-in-saaaa!!!!!

Speaking of politicians...since none of them seem to be able to understand they represent PEOPLE and not their own damn agendas and personal gripes, vote against every one that is currently in office. Holding a political office should not be damn career! Why are there senators and congressman who have NEVER held a regular 9 to 5 but have been in DC for over 20 years?!? VOTE OUT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM who want to hold up progress in finding a resolution to this economic crises. I bet they would understand THAT GESTURE!!!! Ask Cynthia McKinney. You have a voice, make it count in November!!!!!!!!

No, there is no woosaa after that last statement. Something needs to change and every single one of us has an option to make it so. Bet I ruffled a few feathers on this post. You mad? Speak your peace in the comments section....

*KayC takes a deep bow, drops the mic and exists stage left rubbing her temples and shaking her head*

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...

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  1. It is frustrating sometimes watching our fam/friends make bad choices in their lives but all we can do is be there for me. It is their lesson to learn.

    The gas prices are crazy!!! I know what you mean about all these bail outs that do not apply to all of people making wise responsible adult decisions. All of it is crazy and frustrating.