Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life...

The one place I am totally carefree is the dance floor. I love to perform but freestyle dancing on the Salsa dance floor with a good partner puts me in an indescribably great place of euphoria. Seriously, the smile that finds me on the dance floor is natural, it just happens. It simply finds me and stays there until the song is over. Especially when I have a great partner who I can trust on the floor, someone who protects me and allows me to give him total control.

This year, due to some drama and emotional stress, I took a hiatus from the dance floor. I usually dance at least twice a week but I stayed off the floor for two months. I was off kilter, something just was not right and I could not figure it out until I returned to the hard woods.

And I returned to Salsa with a vengeance...

I returned to the dance floor with my event in March. We brought in the only woman Salsa DJ in the country and she wore us out! The following week I helped to teach a beginner's class on Tuesday, hit up two places that Friday (yeah, you read it correctly) and hit the floor again hard on Saturday. If that was not enough I also had rehearsal with my performance group the next day on Sunday. I'm talking about getting home at four in the morning exhausted and happy every night. And you know what? It felt absolutely wonderful!

It was wonderful to see the friends I had not seen in months. I felt absolutely great to be led across the floor again by men who know how to lead. Fantastic to have great dances with new friends. I have never seen a video of myself dancing socially when I was not on stage. Until now...

Thanks to the outstanding photographer who captures my events in photos, I now know what I look like on the Salsa dance floor...and I must admit, I like it. This short clip features this group's version of Mi Musica. As you know they are one of my favorite groups so the Salsa Hubby (guy I'm dancing with) was jammin' with me :-)

BTW - The album on Amazon is NOT the new one. It says April 2011 as a release date but that is the US release date of that album. It is actually 2 years old, the new songs are available on itunes.

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...

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  1. Look at you! Even though it was dark, you can feel the energy from you and that energy was freedom.