Friday, April 29, 2011

Black in Latin America: Cuba

I did not want to post this until I had the chance to view it for myself. Most of my friends are Cuban. I have more Spanish-speaking friends than African-American friends and ironically most of of my African-American friends are fluent in Spanish.

My friends joke with me that I am adopted into the Cuban family and often they will only speak Spanish around me then give me the eye when they are done meaning "Did you get that?" LOL!

The stories they tell are first-hand knowledge. Fleeing Cuba in the 80s, the family members that are still there desperate to get out and of course, the poor nation that seems to produce some of the best musicians in the world. The documentary did not go into the world of Cuban music known as "Timba" or the great Salsa that comes out of the small nation which was disappointing but it was eye-opening.

It did go into the slave trade, how the Cuban people refer to themselves as "Cuban" before any other color. The fact that Cuba received twice as many slaves as the USA. The race relations that plague their country. Watching this, I thought of my adopted Cubano de familia and how people view them. Most of them have brown skin, some darker than mine and some lighter than mine. Many of them are considered black here in America. But...ask them and they will proudly tell you "I'm Cuban!"

Watch the full episode. See more Black in Latin America.

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