Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Smiles, Salsa and Sweet Memories

These past few weeks have been absolutely wonderful! My ladies Salsa group has performed a few times around town in the past week and they are an absolute riot to be around. I have so many wonderful memories with them. I am truly blessed to have been invited to join their group.

The original routine that I learned after joining this group was tough for me. I had to learn to lead and in doing so became responsible for memorizing the routine, the hits on beat and keeping time with the music. As a lead, if you mess up you also mess up the follower who is dancing with you. No pressure there!

I LOVE this routine, maybe because it is my original routine with the group. We danced to the Swedish group I mentioned here. We were missing 4 ladies (2 couples) but it was a fun night.

We also performed at a family friendly daytime event. There was a toddler there who 'bounced' on beat to the lesson. Absolutely adorable.

We have the debut of the new routine this weekend with the big three day conference and everyone is excited. Life is still good. I am enjoying each day and there is still a constant smile that seems to creep its way to my face. I am not sure how or when I got here but I am certainly enjoying the moment.

Hope all is well with you blog family!

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. OMG!! You guys were amazing! You looked wonderful and like you were having so much fun! I definitely have to make it to one of your shows. And dont' be surprised if I'm the loud black woman screaming and cheering you on. LOL

  2. You gals are sooo good! you make me want to take lessons. I have 2 left feet. : (

  3. It's always gud 2 do somethng u enjoy. It's how I feel about coach little league football. So fulfilling. Continue 2 do what makes u happy :)

  4. Monique,
    Thanks! Now you see why I was intimidated when I first joined! Come on out, we perform at several festivals during the warmer months. I'll keep you posted and you will not be the only black woman screaming, we get that a LOT, LOL! That crowd was a college crowd and did more watching :)

    Mrs. Mary Mack,
    Thank you. I've taught a few people with 2 left feet (including my own mother) so it can be done, LOL!

    It truly is enjoyable and I hope to keep going with this group for a long time :)

  5. i must be hormonal because i teared up while watching...clapping wildly at my desk! i am proud of you!

    you ladies are wonderful! may you keep up the great work and go so far!

  6. You were moving (and looking good). I need to learn to Salsa. That looks like a good way to work out.

  7. Color me jealous! LOL
    You all look fantastic! Please be sure to put up more videos!
    ...just wonderful to watch!

  8. There is no more lively, more seductively sexy, or mad energetic dance than the salsa. I can only fake my way around it, but when someone does it well, I'm in awe!

    Keep leaving 'em in awe, my Sista!

    Snatch JOY!