Thursday, December 16, 2010

Outside Your Door...

I am standing outside your door. Thinking, contemplating, trying to get up the nerve to move this...somewhere. Forward? Backward? I am not sure but I am sure that it is time to make it move somewhere other than here. My new-found confidence has left me in this place of needing to surrender or retreat. Needing to know a feeling of reciprocity or walking away in retreat, not defeat.

This is not defeat because the time spent together will forever be pleasant memories that bring smiles to my face. Memories of burning holes in the dance floor hardwoods and wiping sweat as we dipped, stepped and swayed to different rhythms from around the world.

Here I stand outside your door. A woman simply asking a question. Talk to me?


  1. I love to love to love Me'Shell. I posted this song on facebook a little ways back. I love everything off of her Bitter CD and this song here.

    I am feeling the sincerity of your post here... I've felt this way plenty of times, needing to hear, feel something to make me stay or walk away. I'm feeling you Sis. This is a GREAT song, vid, artist choice to complement your question.


  2. Love Me'Shell! BUT, I am moving away from longing like this. I am not that woman choice. I am not lingering waiting for a sign. You either come with your heart open and ready or else....and or else means I am not hanging around wondering.

    Yes that song is powerful...for women who won't own their power. I am done longing, wondering and hoping things will move forward.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! And the Happiest of Happiest New Year!

  3. MsKnowitAll,
    MeShell is one of my all time favorites. Bitter is a classic love album.

    Love your honesty. I am not longing for something or waiting on a sign. I am speaking on two people coming to a crossroads and must decide if they will or will not pursue something deeper. Every relationship comes to a point when 'conversations' must be had and blurred areas must be made clear.

    That is where I am coming from. Standing there saying I am ready to have this conversation and hoping he is ready as well. No power lost, only love to gain ;-) Enjoy your holidays!!!