Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Your Foot OFF My Neck!

I was floating. Literally.

The last few weeks had me floating on air. There was a smile on my face, a spring in my step and a glow that had not been there for quite some time. Without warning, without regard I suddenly feel like this picture.

Whoever said "words can never hurt me" flat out lied. Words have hurt me, rocked my unexpected happy-go-lucky-self like a buckshot straight to the gut. It shocked me back to that dark place, full of doubt, fear and self-questioning. Just when I had made it out, when it no longer hurt I am slung back into defense mode.

I knew there would trials and tribulations. It is not fair to judge before knowing all sides of the story but it is hard not to jump to conclusions when the negative seems like the truth. When you are back in a position that ended so badly the first go around.

This time...I need to handle it better. This time...I need to calm myself and seek peace before seeking the truth. This time...no matter the outcome, I will be okay when the world gets it's foot OFF my neck!!!


  1. ha! I've felt this way before. Life is unexpected, isn't it? I agree - the best thing to always do is regain your true self, remove Life's foot, stand up and gon' brush your shoulders off.

  2. oh yeah. Life is a lesson in itself. Be strong.

  3. Hugs to you Sis... I too know the shocked feeling, the doubt & self-questioning... but I also know you are strong and wise. You've visited this valley before. Remember your lessons and I know you will be back to floating real soon.