Monday, February 23, 2009

Meeting Margaret Johnson-Hodge

I recently had the great honor of meeting the author of my favorite books of all time Butterscotch Blues. A few years ago I was grazing my local library shelves waiting on my next book to jump out at me when the cover of her book caught my eye. I picked up Butterscotch Blues and from chapter one Ms. Johnson-Hodge had me captivated. I devoured that book in one sitting and went back to the library were I checked out every Johnson-Hodge book I could get my hands on.

Not long ago I ran across her home page and nervously sent her an email saying how much I enjoyed her books. Much to my surprise she responded almost immediately. I have cherished that email and every other dialogue between us. She does not host traditional book signings so I was beyond delighted when she started to pop up around town to promote her new book Red Light Green Light.

I finally got the chance to meet her as she attended a small book discussion at a local library branch. (She had surprised the group by popping up the last time they picked one of her books, imagine the surprise on their faces) It was hands down the best book discussion I have attended. Ms. Johnson-Hodge is a pure joy. She is very "real" and laughed, joked and spilled a few secrets that had us sworn to secrecy. She even remembered me from our email dialogue.

In the past few months I have attended book signings diligently on my quest to have my small hardcover library completely signed. Not all of my book signings have made posts here to The Quiet Storm, but this one definitely deserved a spot all its own!

Many thank you's to the wonderful Ms. Johnson-Hodge who had me laughing, crying and cursing for the first time while reading a book. She says her job is well done if you feel anything while you read her stories. "You don't have to like it, but I want you to feel something."

The next time you are wondering the aisles of the bookstore or your local library, check out the novels of Margaret Johnson-Hodge. Her books will take you on a wonderful emotional roller coaster and have you running back to the store for more.

Of course I got a picture with my favorite author...


  1. That was cool. I'm sure it was a treat for the both of you.

  2. How exciting. I finally get to meet one of my favorite authors next week and can't wait!

  3. I never read her books at least I think I haven't.
    I am going to make sure I pick up the book that is your favorite (I have to write the name down).

    Glad that you enjoyed meeting her.

  4. makes me wanna take a trip to a bookstore :)

  5. Thats cool, I am still waiting my Steven Barnes.

  6. Rich,
    It was great!

    I hear you :)

    The Insatiable One,
    I'm waiting patiently to hear which author you will meet. I love signings and readings, it really feeds the creative side.

    You should definitely pick up that book. It will make you laugh, cry and maybe get a little mad. Let me know how you like it!

    You should take that trip to the bookstore (or at least to your local library :)

    Welcome to the Storm! Come back as much as you like.

  7. Wow! That is wonderful! I really like Ms. Johnson-Hodge.
    I read Some Sunday and True Lies by her years ago. I still re-read True Lies because that story-line is so compelling. So I can understand your cursing and crying.

  8. That was kool...I would love to meet Walter Mosley..(He's my favorite author) My daughter has that book- "Butterscotch Blues."
    Maybe I'll give it a look see.

  9. Ms.Knowitall,
    I enjoyed True Lies and it has a sequel This Time which is a good read if you want to find out what happened with Rick and Dajah.

    Some Sunday is the sequel to my favorite book Butterscotch Blues. We are more alike than we think :)

    I have heard good things about Walter Mosley but have not read him, I'll add him to my list. What did your daughter think of the book?

  10. Thank you much for the info. I'm excited! I have to see if the Library has these titles.

  11. Hey there. I read this post some years ago and I thought I had posted a comment. I don't see one, so I'm going to post now. Thank for declaring me your favorite author. I truly appreciate that!

    Margaret Johnson-Hodge