Monday, October 13, 2014

Adventures in Online Dating - Did He Really Say that?

It took some convincing for a few friends to talk me into this online dating thing. There are a few people in my social circles that have met using an online forum and it has worked for them. One of the couples married this past weekend. Congrats!

I tried the free trial first and it was...okay. It was really interesting that most men were only interested in women under the age of 35 and listed every ethnic group instead of African-American/Black. Man, there is very little love for black women in online dating. I can not even say women of color because they all seem to favor Latina/Hispanic and even Asian or Pacific Islander. They really listed EVERYONE except black women.

I mean.....WOW.... O_O

Well, I had about 30 emails before I decided that I would actually go on and check this thing out. Most of them were from the typical black men, hat over his eyes, chest out in photos, using emails that were obviously copied and pasted to every girl he saw. One even asked me to lunch in the first very email. Try at least asking my name first, okay? What was really interesting was that most of the men who seemed to take the time to read my profile and try to make an interesting conversation were white men. And they were not playing with their approach, which made the other men pale in comparison.

But there was one IM message that took place that was worth sharing. It went something like this:

Him: I can help you with your career
Me: My career?
Him: Yes, I can help you. I can show you some moves
Me: *crickets*
Him: Do you make money dancing?
Me: How can you help me with my career?
Him: I can show you some moves
Me: You don't know what type of dance I do
Him: I can help
Me: Are you a strip club owner? Manager?
Him: No, I can just help
Me: I'm ending this conversation now. Good Bye

and then I hit the block button. Laughed at him and signed off. That was my first and last instant message conversation on that site. I never said dancing was my profession. My profession is listed and it is NOT dance. Anyone else thinks he was a pimp? Yeah, I do as well.

Did he really say that?!?

Stay tuned, I am sure there is more to come

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. Deep down inside sister, know the black woman is G-d! Check Sevan Bomar's free ebook, The Code to The Matrix. Search him on YouTube as well. Realizing your full spiritual potential may lead you to the love of your life and the life you love.
    Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations,

  2. Oh no... you almost got "chosen". Oh my. Be careful!

    1. Girl, no! He wasn't "choosing" anybody here. He was only fooling himself. He needed much more than that weak @zz line!

  3. Lawd, this reminds me of my phone dating They make good blog posts if nothing else.

    1. Yes, they make for good blog posts if nothing else. He tried backpedaling but that foot was so far down his throat.....bless his heart! LOL!

  4. Ugh, online dating is the pits. A friend just suggested that I try it out. I'd much rather resign my life to being the crazy cat lady. That's how bad my last go 'round with online dating was.

    1. Ha! I have my reasons for trying it and I know people it has worked for but some of the men on words.

  5. Oh I went down the dating online rabbit hole... UGH. White Men do bring their A game often. My last date caused me to shut it all down... it got a bit tense and I could sense danger. Will I do it again?... I'm not sure... right now, no. But I had some interesting dates that would make me reconsider. I'm cheering for you! And I can't wait until the next dating installment!

    1. I remember your post about that, Babz. I've had a couple of good dates but the majority of my experiences online have been downright comical! I'm in shock how clueless some men can be.