Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays (My Christmas Playlist)

The holiday season is upon us once again. I love the holidays. I absolutely adore this time of year. There is something about it that makes people a little nicer, a little more hectic but people seem to melt just a little from the normal routine and day to day lifestyle.

My family is a sucker for the holidays. We always try to get together and just enjoy each other's company. The food flows, the drinks and adult beverages flow and so do the laughs, stories and memories. I am wishing all of you a very happy holidays. As we try to relax, travel to see family or simply stay home be safe, happy and have a great holiday season!

I'll leave you with a compilation of some of my favorite holiday songs. Some are classics, some are new (in the grand scheme of things) and some are down right silly but they all make me feel great. They make me remember that the one thing I will cherish is my memories with my loved ones.

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  1. I think that Luther's voice is for me, what Nat King Cole's voice was for my parents.

    You can never go wrong with Luther.