Thursday, December 13, 2012

Denying/Hiding Children Makes Your More Marketable?!?

I have come across many....interesting....situations since I have become a social salsa dancer. Salsa dancing allows me to meet people from many different walks of life that I may not have met in my regular routine. One situation that is really common in salsa dancing is people trying to make themselves more marketable to other sex. By any means necessary.

This goes beyond the men in three piece suits sweating likes hogs to look good and portray they have money and it goes beyond the women squeezing themselves into painted on dresses with their cottage cheese hanging out and ankles screaming from the 6 inch heels while trying to dance.

But hiding the fact that you have a child or children? Let that sink in for a moment.

I mean people are only posting photos of themselves in suggestive poses or photos with their 'peeps' while hanging out. Never a "Happy Birthday" post to the child or a mention that they are someone's parent. I am referring to people finding out their salsa friends are parents like 5 years after knowing them. Why? Apparently it makes them more 'marketable' to the dating pool. Yes, I have actually heard someone say that. I have overheard people saying "XYZ has a child but doesn't want anyone to know." It makes them more marketable.

My question is does denying or hiding a child really make that person more marketable? I know my views on many relationship issues appear to be old-fashioned but at what point do they reveal they have offspring and/or a mini-me at home? After they have tricked someone lied to someone and eventually get caught what are their reasons? Anyone who lies (that is what hiding children is, right?) about their own flesh and blood will lie about anything. How can you build any kind of relationship with someone who can keep that kind of thing a secret? Maybe it is because of my own upbringing but lying about children is the lowest of low (in my opinion) and you don't deserve to be anyone's parent!

By now I know many of you reading this think I am bashing men, right? Well, surprise!

Many, if not all, of the people I am referring to are WOMEN!

Let that sink in....go ahead I'll wait.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings...


  1. (from LadyLee). Shoot... You can make yourself marketable all day, but the truth always come out. Anyone who resorts to this type of trickery, well... You best believe that's not their only character flaw.

  2. I adore my children. I couldn't imagine my life without them.