Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Be Inspired - Heavy D

Twitter will give you news first. It may not always be accurate or have many details but you will stay up to date on a lot of things if you are on Twitter.

Yesterday Twitter lit up with the news of Heavy D's death. I have always been a fan of Heavy D, going back to when it was Heavy D and the Boyz. Back in the 90s every good party had a few Heavy D hits mixed in the playlist. I remember dancing in the car as I drove to and from college and the parties that were sure to make you tired and late for work the next day. Not only was his music great but the videos always featured great dancers and Heavy could move!!!

I usually do not post tributes to entertainers but with Heavy D it is different. Death is surrounding me this month and it brings me back to my reflection. People had an outpouring for Heavy D that was different than others. The reoccurring theme about him is he was always positive. He always wanted to be the best at what he did. As I jammed in my car on the way home during the tributes I realized every song was uplifting, every song made you want to move and not one disrespected women or himself. Not only did he have that approach as a rapper but also as an actor. Going after acting with the same gusto as he did with music.

That is a unique legacy within itself. As I reflect on that and how difficult it is to successfully execute such a positive light in today's society I remember his last Tweet....

"Be Inspired"

I leave you with some great music from the Overweight Lover. I know it will make you dance and smile. I enjoyed all of his music, even the latest album, so I would be remiss to tell you these are my favorites. They are just a sampling of my favorite Heavy D songs, as that list is HUGE!

From the first Album Living Large, 1987
Mr. Big Stuff

From the second Album Big Tyme, 1989
We Got Our Own Thang

From the third Album Peaceful Journey, 1991
Now That We've Found Love

From the fourth Album Blue Funk, 1993
Blue Funk

From the eighth Album Vibes, 2008
Long Distance Girlfriend

Rest in peace Heav, you did a remarkable job here on earth with the gifts you were given.

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. Thank you for this trip back. His music was fun and conscious and funky.

    He will be missed.

  2. Thanks for this post, sis! You hit the nail on the head.

    I posted on FB today that the 1st hip hop concert that i ever attended was at my high school. It was Heavy D and the Boyz.

    One of the things that i loved about Hev was that he was always having fun. Rapping and performing seemed to be fun for him. He had that feel good music that anybody could groove to. He was one of the few rappers that EVERYBODY liked! Unlike Jay Z or LL or anybody else, everybody liked Hev. I don't ever recall hearing somebody say that they didn't like him.

    We lost a good one! RIP Heavy D