Thursday, September 13, 2007

TuPac and Walking Through the Rain

It is hard to believe eleven years has passed since one of my favorite poets/rappers died. Mainly because they release his music like he is still belting them out in the studio. But I digress, I was listening to a mainstream radio station and they were in the middle of a TuPac tribute. Radio (and it's choice of music) is disappointing to me so I rarely listen, but today I was enjoying the playlist.

I have so many favorite TuPac songs and collaborations, it would read like a album collection, so I will not go into my list.

Why do I like TuPac?

Above all else he was a great poet, he could come off hard one on song and almost melancholy on the next. Who else could make you truly believe to Keep Ya' Head Up while in the next breath say I Get Around? You could enjoy his good looks and wish to the heavens that he would shut his big mouth.

Eleven years ago I also gained an unlikely friend who helps to bring out the poet/writer in me. So, as I enjoy walking through the rain, I find myself smiling and humming one of my favorite songs by Pac...and it is not hard at all to keep my head up.


  1. I still mourn the loss of Tupac Shakur. Of course I never met him, but always felt like (we) knew him.

    check out this post I once did on Pac:

  2. Wow.....have we really blogged THIS long? Seems like only yesterday. I had forgotten that Tupac was one of your favorite rappers/poets. Pac was a convicted man, which brought his prose to life.