Monday, September 10, 2007

A Conversation with Ms. Gwynne Forster

Recently I attended a book signing for a literary group because I heard that one of my favorite authors might be in attendance. I was a bit saddened to find out that she was not one of the authors in the signing, but another author "beckoned me over" and sparked a conversation.

Ms. Gwynne Forster told me to stop at her table and go buy a book so she could sign it for me. She said it in a way that reminded me of my Grandmother's "stern, but loving" manner, and I had no choice but to drop my head slightly and "do as I was told". (With a slight smile, of course!)

As she asked my name and I instinctively spelled it for her (because I have only met three or four others in my life) she smiled and told me that is the name of her next book's character.

Of course I was elated as she told me about her character's story. We spoke of her writing process and how her characters come about their names. We chatted so long that when we looked up she had a line behind me. Out of disappointment, came a great conversation that I will cherish.

Oh yeah....I almost forgot to mention the book ;-)

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