Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Want for You

I have a huge family. My mother has a lot of brothers and sisters and each of them had quite a few children so I was raised around a lot of family until I moved to my current location with my mother a pre-teen. My cousins also live in the metro area. When they started to have children I was the perfect age to babysit for them. The first two babies are in their 20s now. I had a wonderful sense of pride when they graduated but this weekend another one walked across the stage into adulthood. He is truly special to me.

I kept him for his mother a lot more than the others. He has seen way too much for a kid his age. His parents have taken him through way too much as a child. Through all of that he has kept this child-like goofiness that always makes me smile when he is around. Do not get me wrong, he is a smart young man. His neck should have been sore the next day from all the ropes and stashes that adorned him on his day. But the thing I absolute adore about him is his ability to stay true to himself.

As he embarks on his life journey to become a doctor who helps to bring life into the world I pray over his spirit. I pray that he keeps his sense of goofiness. I pray that God keeps him and holds his heart. I pray that he always has a happy spirit even when life gets the best of him. As I watched him walk across the stage and be goofy with his friends at the graduation party, I looked at the man dancing the wobble with his friends but I saw the baby who played with my alarm clock so many years ago. That clock never worked again but my memories continue to grow.

So proud of you Cuz...I can only hope one day that if I am blessed with a son he holds half the sense of self you have.


  1. wonderful tribute....sounds like a young man with despite his troubles turned out 2 be pretty well round...he will do well :)

  2. This is an absolutely beautiful post. May your cousin continue to pursue his dreams. You know we need more doctors, lawyers - change-makers!

    Unfortunately I could not see the pic you posted. :-(

  3. Aww, what a lovely tribute to what sounds like a fine young man! May you, your family and the rest of us collectively keep him lifted!

  4. Congrats to your nephew! You have done an amazing job! I love hearing this. We need to hear these tributes about our kids. And they need to know that we value them.