Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Thunderstorms...Shaking My Head

My metropolitan area is way too small. If you take the square root of the educated African-American population, add in the Latino and bi-racial group that identifies, subtract the amount that are married (who are not cheating on their spouses) and add in the few who are divorced - what do you get? A few hundred people who all know each other and who have slept with more than a 'couple' of other people in the group. I say this because one of the women who played the mistress in my prior situation is now playing the role of the other woman in my friend's situation. Shaking my head and thinking it is time to relocate...

I recently had the best weekend and received some wonderful news concerning my '50 Things to Do' list. I may get the opportunity to cross off a few things I never thought would happen. I am simply beside myself...I'm keeping it close to the chest for a little while longer. Shaking my head in amazement...

My event planning company threw our second event in January and the crowd was a little thicker than the first event. We tried a marketing strategy that proved people can not follow directions! Needless to say we will not run another special until our anniversary celebration. Shaking my head at people's sense of entitlement...

My former Addiction sent me an email out of the blue. I think it's an article on education (I work for a school system) but I have not opened it. I have not heard from him or had any contact with him for months. He called to wish me a Happy Birthday in November and I sent him to voice mail. Funny, he crossed my mind the other day when I saw someone who resembled him. Think he felt the vibes? Shaking my head and telling myself to leave sleeping monsters asleep! Shaking my head at him...

I am learning to follow my gut feeling. That feeling in the pit of my stomach my Grandmother called a "sixth sense" of sorts. My events company venture is kind of requiring me to become a DJ. The father I contemplated letting into my life last year was/is a DJ full-time and I contacted him about lessons. Well...that spawned a series of 'hey beautiful' and 'muah' instant messages. Although I think he's a great DJ and the lessons would be beneficial, I decided to cancel them. Obviously, we each had different views on our approach and my gut feeling was telling me it would not go well. Shaking my head at that...and moving right along.

I am taking my first trip of the year very soon. It is a trip to the west coast. A first for me but I am going with my Salsa group to perform at one of the largest Cuban Salsa festivals in the US. I am looking forward to knocking another thing off my 50 Things to Do list and glad I will do it with my Salsa girls! Shaking my head at some of the foolishness I KNOW will go down during that trip.

Until Next Time,
Peace & Blessings...


  1. O_O at that mistress situation. That chick... how can she sleep at night!

    Wow! Events planning venture! Go girl!

    Salsa! Get down, girl! Sounds like fun!

    Mailing your cookies this week, so look out for them!

  2. Seriously?? She's still around. **smh** She really needs to get a life and man of her own. Damn!

    Woo hoo! Happy the 2nd event was as success. LOL @ folks not following directions. Expect that to happen again.

    Sounds like an exciting trip for you!

  3. You know how it is here in Atlanta, 6 degrees of separation is more like 2.

    Trip to the west coast? Awesome. I love California. Beautiful state.

  4. RT! Following your gut is hard, but necessary...funny post smh